The Back Corset


It never fails to amaze me to what lengths we are willing to to adapt to trends, fashion, etc. If you look closely, you’ll notice that several of this young lady’s “eyelets” are inflamed. Judgment aside, I can’t help but think that at the very least, following such a trend would require more maintenance than a back unadorned.

I like to use a scrub brush on mine, a simple hygienic regimen that I take for granted.  I also use a back scratcher.  Itching seems innate.  Ever see a hog or a steer  rub repeatedly against a fence post to quell an itch? When my back scratcher’s not around, I’ll use most anything to get at that itch. I imagine this young lass must be far more disciplined.

I’ve known cases where actors use tape, etc. to stretch facial skin to make wrinkles disappear, essentially cinching the excess folds behind the ears, then covering the modification with a wig. (Joe Pesci in “My Cousin, Vinnie” is one example).  When one cinches her back in this way, is the front affected?  As one ages, or  loses a considerable weight, skin loosens. Is there a practical application of this technology?

Regardless, (here’s where the judgment comes in) to me it seems extreme. While I could see the benefit of doing it to say, to someone’s LIPS, (and I’d have some suggestions) it seems extreme in this case.

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