Okay 4 the Gay in I-O-Way


News Flash: The Iowa Supreme Court today  reversed a ban on Gay Marriage in the Hawkeye State. As a graduate of a university in Iowa, I commend my former home state for its wisdom. I enjoyed my time in Iowa and found it surprisingly more tolerant  and inclusive in the 70’s than it later became. When I moved to Indiana in the late `70s, it was so conservative by comparison that Iowa seemed like the left coast.  Good things don’t last forever and despite the horrors visited on Iowa farming in ensuing years, Iowa indeed drifted more right, essentially mirroring a rural America that bought the GOP propaganda and voted against their best interests, choosing to vote instead on social / religious issues. In the end, corporations “bought the farms” as one after another family-owned farms, fell like dominoes.

Conjecture has it that  Iowa will push for a constitutional ammendment prohibiting gay marriage but for the time being, conservatives will have to put up with citizens practicing freedoms our Constitution provides. Kudos, Iowa.

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2 Responses to Okay 4 the Gay in I-O-Way

  1. Paul Sonderman says:

    True that

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