Jellyfish – The King is Half-Undressed (Live in Germany)

jellyfishI used to love (still do) a west coast band in the early `90s called “Jellyfish,” whose collaboration produced two stellar domestic LPs, 1 EP, a Japanese LP and a “Best Of” compilation before they disbanded.

Jellyfish was an alternative band with sophisticated harmonic capabilities, wide influences, and keen pop sensibilities.  Having said that, one wonders why they never really broke through. It was probably timing.  Alternative was full of grunge,  STP, Alice in Chains, Sonic Youth, typically less melodic, darker ideas with simpler songwriting.

Comprised of superb musicians/multi-instrumentalists who sang and wrote  well, Jellyfish featured a standing drummer Andy Sturmer, who also sang many of the leads vocals, at one point, Jason Faulkner (formerly of the Water Boys), a solo singer/songwriter of considerable gifts and superb keyboard player/multi-instrumentalist/singer  Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Their studio albums were incredible, dynamic, layered, lush, extremely well produced and featured intricate, seamlessly-blended  harmonies reminiscent of ELO, Queen, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, 10cc, Badfinger, Fleetwood Mac and many others.  Their writing was clever, tended to be “poppy'” but never mechanical, manufactured or formulaic.  Lyrics were worth listening to–all in all, a great band.  On top of being able to exploit a studio, they were super live, even acoustic.  They could do arenas or coffee houses but as far as I know, never filled an arena.  I could be wrong about that but they were a bit off the radar.

I had a chance to see them  about 6 months before they broke up, in an small, outdoor venue (a patio) and couldn’t go.  I kick myself.

I just found this… a live performance shown on German TV

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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