Glen Beck Saves Life of Guest on Live TV


Fox and Fiends yucked it up over an unfortunate incident involving a fainting guest on Beck’s “highly acclaimed” show.

According to Beck, an incredulous crew thought it just another stunt until “the Biclops” himself made it clear that his guest, David Buckner, was indeed passing out. The fiends noted how lucky Mr. Buckner was to have had Beck’s quick reaction as his extended hand indeed appeared to soften the guest’s fall.

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Was it Beck’s cologne?

Perhaps Buckner fell victim to Mr.  Beck’s notoriously expressive gaze.

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5 Responses to Glen Beck Saves Life of Guest on Live TV

  1. Polycarp says:

    How much leg can you show on cable TV these days? It’s like watching HBO after 9!

    Personally, just listening to Beck makes me queezy

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Funny, albeit astute observation and I share your reaction. Thanks.

  3. Barbara80 says:

    A friend of mine says she’s giving me a clue for my birthday. ,

  4. Alejandro says:

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  5. Paul Sonderman says:

    Regardless of how you found us, welcome–and I hope you’ll read through my archives. I also intend to get back at it, so please check back for new/current posts and feel free to comment. Happy New Year!

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