Americablog/Daily Kos Post Olbermann Clip on Fox’s “Teabag” Sponsorship

Paranoia Central:

Right-wing GOP “teabaggers,” once again wrapping themselves in the flag, claim patriotism as they protest paying HIGHER taxes, EVEN THOUGH 95% OF AMERICANS (other than smokers) are paying LESS.

They claim Obama and the dems are using the Main Stream Media to brainwash the public and that college students are being brainwashed by their professors. to embrace liberalism.  They’re saying “Burn the Books!”  (Just heard a clip of an attendee saying this on Ed Schultz’s radio show).

Fox Noise promoted this event heavily, predicting that no Main Stream Media outlets would cover it.  Everyone’s covering this contrived, divisive propaganda parade perpetuated by Fox and others conservative backers.  Of course, FOX is “Wall to Wall” and lying about their blatant sponsorship.

Polls show that most Americans feel good about what Obama’s done and intends to do. The military likes him, too.

These tools have nothing else.  Based on lies,, they’re drumming up hate, plain and simple.  And they have Fox Lies providing free advertising.  How patriotic is that?   And they have the nerve to call liberals traitors.

Revolution, dudes-right on! Where have you been for the past decade?

I’d like to see these protesters  greeted with the same treatment, the same denial of their constitutional right of free speech and assembly that we liberals met as we protested the tyranny of George W. Bush and his merry band. Will we see night-sticks?  Will we see arrests?  My guess?  The computer says, “no.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to Americablog/Daily Kos Post Olbermann Clip on Fox’s “Teabag” Sponsorship

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Paul. I have given you a few awards at my blog. Please check them out:

    Thanks for your great writing and for your support.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    God love you, C.

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