GOP Thinks Concern on CO2 “Almost Comical”


"Panama Jack" Boner

Now, I’m not a huge George Stephanopoulos fan.  I think he routinely fails to follow up when it’s clear that he should and lobs softballs at the GOP on his Sunday program (“This Week.”)  He’s gotten more strident since Obama won but I still feel he’s more concerned with what will forward his career than what will best inform the public…just my opinion.

That said, an exchange yesterday between George and  the GOP’s House Minority Leader, John “Panama Jack” Boner (R-OH), Stephanopoulos grew a pair on climate change, getting Boner tha admit that he thinks all the fuss about CO2 is a bit of a hoot. Mentioning human and bovine contributions, he said, in essence that the US shouldn’t  fret about it because we can do nothing about it unilaterally.

He somehow conflates “what cows do” with CO2 emissions.  I always thought cow farts were methane.  I know methane can be destructive. Ask anyone who’s lived in a fraternity or for that matter among other adolescent males with too much beer and time on their hands.  I’ve seen the power of methane and it’s considerable.  The combo of pizza, cheap beer and an open flame can bring titillation and when gone awry, agony.  But back to “the Boner”–he’s saying that as long as mankind exhales and cows fart, advocates for Co2 reductions are simply pissing in the wind.

Good one, Mr. B.  I’ll bet you’ve lit a fart or two. But apparently that’s as far as your research or intellectual curiosity on this issue led you.

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