Legalized Pot=Less Violence: Some Legislators Soften


The argument that criminalized marijuana protects anyone is apparently losing ground.  Even so, the chances of it being legalized are long at best.

Reps. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.), Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), and Ron Paul (R-Texas) feel it should be legalized.

According to Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the president doesn’t support legalization of pot.

However, the federal government may not be the last word on the issue.

Border states, in particular, who witness first-hand the effects of a failed Federal  “War on Drugs” daily in the form of increased drug-related violence, are changing their points of view to a more pragmatic, less emotionally-charged position…remove the demand from the equation by supplying domestically-grown weed, which could produce grower and user tax revenues and the suppliers will have to go elsewhere or rely on other substances which , while lucrative, have a much smaller potential market in the U.S. (cocaine, heroin).  We already make our own meth and it’s meth that appears to be the greatest current menace to our society.

According to Rohrabacher, “I think that there has been an honest, very honest, sincere attempt to win the drug war, and that it is not a winnable war… I don’t think there is anything more they can do to try to make the drug war work.”   McDermott added, “Clearly, people all over the country are using marijuana. We have filled our prisons at enormous costs…and we have no money for education…We spend more, and more, more money in [the Drug Enforcement Administration], and rounding up people, and spraying fields, and all this stuff. And, from a social policy, I don’t see any reason not to legalize it, control it, sell it, [and] tax it.”

Calvina Fay,  director of a Drug Free America (get REAL-get us an IDIOT-free America and then see if you still want to get rid of drugs) strongly disagrees, saying,

“I can’t understand how anyone thinks that legalizing drugs is going to stop the violence,” she said. “To think that drug traffickers in Mexico are going to fall in line and pay their taxes if marijuana is legalized is just flawed thinking.”

DUH?–Flawed thinking? Why would we need them to pay taxes–we can grow our own chronic!

It’s freaking WEED!

Read the entire  article from “The Hill” here.

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