New Friends Through Blogging


New World Odor has only been online  several months and sometimes, working alone, it’s a burden to post interesting items  daily.  Being functionally unemployed helps, much to my lovely wife Susan’s chagrin.  Should I actually land gainful employment, I make no promise regarding New World Odor’s future.  Nevertheless, blogging beats much of what I could do with my time if it remains unoccupied by a profit-motivated enterprise.

I get some crackpots, it comes with the territory.  But far more often, I hear from people strewn across the country and globe, whose ideas and creativity amuse and amaze.  Many are also bloggers and their sites display a rainbow of content, personalities, beliefs and opinions. I’ve found some of my favorite sites this way and have made friends through blogging, even though we’ve never met.

Today a seemingly innocuous comment on my Cuba post led me to a site I want to watch for awhile, which appeals to me for its humor and apparent interest in music.

One of its links is to John Hodgman’s blog, which if you’ve never visited, is worth a look -especially if you need a quick smile.  Hodgman is as ever, quirky, smart and hilarious.

There’s little more to say on this than to thank those listed in my favorites and other sections of my blogroll, who appear there because I serendipitously discovered them through their contact with New World Odor.  It’s an ongoing benefit that I continue to appreciate.

I’m grateful that  you visit, read, comment and link to my site.  Many thanks.

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4 Responses to New Friends Through Blogging

  1. Davis says:

    I have exactly three cats but they’re definitely not that buddy buddy. Good luck with your blog (agree with your assessment of Hodgman, by the way)

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Yours is one of the blogs to which I refer. I love what you’re doing–we need more of it and likewise, wish you the best.

  3. Catherine says:

    Paul your blog is a joy to read. I hope that employment will not take you completely way from it.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Well, free-lance remains in my immediate future, I’m doing voice-over for automated telephone messages–who’d a thunk it? (I’m the internal “voice” of a national trucking firm and now when I call to check on payment for narration I do for them, I’ll hear me). It’s something I can do from home–I have a desktop “studio”.

    Some promising DVD TV jobs are out on bid as well, so gaps may fill in, in which case, you’ll still see me blowing off steam here. A full-time gig would force me to re-evaluate. Others do it, so I could likely adjust. We’ll see.

    Thanks, again.

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