New World Odor Breaks 100,00 Hits


NWO Dogs Bite Down Hard Behind The Good News

NWO Dawgs Drop Hard Behind Good News

Last weekend New World Odor achieved a traffic  milestone as it surpassed 100,000 hits.

I’d like to thank readers who take the time to read and comment here at NWO.

Now, I know  that “big dog” blogs rake in readers to the tune of hundreds of thousands daily. They display ads as well as have staffs of writers, editors. proofreaders, researchers and even bean counters.  Since this is a passion rather than a business enterprise, readership and response are the only indicators I have to determine whether it’s worth doing. (“If a tree falls in the forest, yada, yada”).

I use a free traffic stimulation service called Alpha Inventions, which seems to stimulate if not actual readership, certainly page views, which I’m certain has wrought increased interest at the very least, if not actual participation.  So I thank AlphInventions as well.

For whatever the reason, if you’re reading this, you’re likely part of the SOLUTION, not part of the PROBLEM.   I’m glad you’re taking time out of your day to visit.   Please visit others to which I link.  The truth is out there but each of us must seek it out–it won’t just fall into our laps.  Thanks for being intellectually curious as well as for reading my little blog.

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