Book Banning, Obama and The Right Wing

Shake That Shook the World


From TPM Muckraker:

“The notorious Otto Reich on the baleful consequences of the the Obama/Chavez handshake and book acceptance … “I worked for three presidents. I don’t think that would have happened with President Reagan or either one of the President Bushes. They should not have put President Obama in that embarrassing situation because this is very much an anti-U.S. book. Anti-Europe as well. It’s a book that’s about 30 years old, written by a far-left Latin American, a very unknown author. And now Chavez has put this book on top of, I’m told, the Amazon sales list. How will we show our faces again on Amazon?”

So, President Obama’s acceptance of a gift, in this case a book, from a leader we’ve opposed for some time, who has directly confronted past administrations and who most Americans accept as a tyrant…a leader quick to offer assistance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, aid that President Bush, amid a cataclysmic failure DECLINED, the very president who as a candidate repeatedly criticized Bush, saying that unlike Bush, he would give diplomacy a chance, repeatedly emphasizing that he felt it important to establish dialog with opponents–so this president who accepted a book and shook the hand of its giver is a WHAT, a Fascist?

That Obama’s  acceptance of Chavez’s gift made the book rocket to the top of Amazon’s list, suggest WHAT, we should BAN or BURN it?  That its embrace of a far left, anti-American credo should relegate it to a place of insignificance and encourage Americans to ignore it?

What became of intellectual curiosity in this country? Has eight years of “My Pet Goat” lulled a listless, beleaguered populace into complete intracranial lethargy? Has a media, long limited to the lowest common denominator reporting and cult of personality features for ratings success forgotten how to stimulate subscribers, making them content to not question content?

Thanks, Hugo. I hope that Barack read the book on Air Force One on his next flight. Heaven forbid we have a leader who actually understand what foments the contempt so many countries harbor for the United States.   Should Roosevelt have refused to read Mein Kampf?

If Venezuela is our eneny, let it be the enemy we know.  I’m sick of waging war with countries we refuse to learn anything about.

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2 Responses to Book Banning, Obama and The Right Wing

  1. Catherine says:

    Paul, this was really very good and powerful stuff. I could not agree more.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks, Catherine. I had a “bee in my bonnet” on this one.

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