Cheney: ‘I don’t think we’ve got much to apologize for’


"Who you callin' `dick-cheez'?"

Raw Story reports a recent sighting of the ever-irascible Dick Cheney, on Slant-head Hannity’s excuse for a news program via Faux News. Never known to show remorse,  Mr. Cheney repeatedly laid waste to the policies and leadership of Barack Obama.  The ever-nefarious former Vice-President/ crook/traitor/autocrat/torture champion and ideologue/revisionist historian waxed unapologetic at length to indict sundry of Obama’s actions and initiatives, ever mindless of the barren wasteland we once knew and revered as the USA that he and former President George Bush left in their wakes.

I suppose I shouldn’t dignify such ballast jettisoned from a fast-sinking former second fiddle by posting it but it reinforces the one thing regarding his reign that I am indeed thankful for, and that is that George Bush wasn’t assassinated while in office. Thank God for small favors.  Now if the Big Dick could just shut up and set aside his need for attention, we could all do with out the distraction of his unapologetic, unwelcome excuses and his chronic, vitriolic critique.  A caller on Ed Schultz’s show today noted that the Mr. Cheney of late resembles a “trash-talking coward from the bench,” which pretty much sums him up.  Funny–we seem to see MUCH more of Dick-cheez  now  as a Monday Morning Quarterback than we ever did while he waited anxiously in the wings for Dubya to exhale his last breath.

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4 Responses to Cheney: ‘I don’t think we’ve got much to apologize for’

  1. Catherine says:

    I love the photo that you used of Cheney. it captures the real essence of him..Personally, I think he trots himself out every time torture memos are released to try to distract. He’s worried. Really, i mean it. 🙂

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks–I think you’re astute. My fingers are crossed.

  3. Does he ever smile? He reminds me of the crackpot neighbor who screams, “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Truer words were never spoken.

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