FOX’s Shep Smith: Is The “Kool-Aid” Wearing Off?


A Fox News anchor lost it on the air over torture and dropped the “F-bomb.”  Upon seeing the headline,  I immediately thought of  Shep Smith, who likes to consider himself an objective reporter and to his credit, occasionally manages to pull it off.  He also voices “righteous indignation” at times, and on occasion, it’s less than subtle.  I can’t think of anyone else at Fox who gives a s**t  about torture.  Slant-head Hannity speaks of it almost fondly.

If you’ve read me for awhile, you may surmise that you can save some time by checking Raw Story before you click on NWO, since although I do cull from other sources, I rarely post with out first checking there.  But then you’d miss my rapier wit,  cheap shots, interpretation and sarcasm, which is a big part of why I do this.  It’s cathartic. But while decidedly left-leaning, Raw Story avoids giving targets pet names.  They rarely go off on tangents. They’re more what I like to refer to as “reality-based!”  They typically break stories quickly.  When I get a story up before them, I fell pretty “special.” It happens, honest.   Sometimes they don’t amount to much but once in a while I strike gold.

Mr.  Smith needs to figure out who he is and should this indicate an awakening  from a long slumber to discover that Fox is merely a voice of  the GOP,  should it be that he may have somehow missed that until this point, perhaps it’s time for him to re-examine his career path.   My guess is that he’ll be cool with it by payday.

So watch the clip, then see Raw Story’s comments on it–Some good background/links there.

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3 Responses to FOX’s Shep Smith: Is The “Kool-Aid” Wearing Off?

  1. Polycarp says:

    Paul, I shouted for joy when I heard Shep say that! It’s about time that Mr. Smith stood up for what he knows is right!

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Ditto. Among the gaggle at FOX, he’s close to tolerable, but I still want to call him “Shemp,” at times. Only my but my regard for the Three Stooges holds me back.

    Shep seems not quite as ADHD as poor Mourning Joe but he can be more volatile.

    Remember when anchors weren’t “personalities” and “news” was news? I miss those days.

    Thanks, Polycarp

  3. Polycarp says:

    I would trade Morning Joe for Shep. Shoot, I would trade Morning Joe to look at a blank TV screen at times.

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