Joel Olsteen: Faith Feeds Health, Feeds Wealth, Feeds Happiness

Gimme' That Old-Time Religion

Gimme' That Old Time Religion

Prosperity Minister Joel Olsteen is nothing short of a phenomenon. His ministry is huge and gets “huger” by the second.

Preaching prosperity is a profitable enterprise.  Profit isn’t a bad thing.  Still, this brand of preaching, this message selectively interprets  Gospel.  While not unusual in that regard: many ministries emphasize a certain aspect or aspects  of the Bible while ignoring or minimizing others, the “prosperity” message is seductive and to me, in terms of what I understand of Christ’s teachings,superficial–if not an outright distortion.

While a practicing Catholic, I nevertheless resist absolutes about gospel, dogma and faith.  I believe what I believe and most of it lines up with my church.  Because I believe in an afterlife, a supreme deity and for me, Christ, I want to be right but it’s strictly a matter of faith.  One thing I do believe, though, is if a religious leader preaches to a packed stadium, (and in this, I must include the Pope, sorry,) I’m going to be a little suspicious. How many attended the Sermon on the Mount? That to me seems like a decent yardstick.  Anything more than that’s just clever marketing.

Polycarp over at The Church of Jesus Christ posted this clip featuring Mark Driscoll, which addresses my differences with Mr. Olsteen far better and more comprehensively than I ever could.  If you’ve ever watched or listened to  Mr. Olsteen, you may find it interesting.

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2 Responses to Joel Olsteen: Faith Feeds Health, Feeds Wealth, Feeds Happiness

  1. Mike Schaefer says:

    The whole notion that walking right with God means that you have health, wealth, and no anxiety is absurd – even idiotic. To me it is so inspiring to see someone who has so little, give what little they have away; or to see someone who is so sick ask you how you’re doing; or someone who is able come through an addiction and is able to function one day, one hour at a time, constantly fighting off the imprisoning demons pulling them toward relapse. These are incredible awe-inspiring acts of faith, and real faith has little, if anything, to do with religion, and absolutely nothing to do with health, wealth, or anxiety.

  2. Gotta love the *Name it and Claim it bunch. I mean if ever there was the perfect form of Modern Witchcraft nestled safely in the arms of Jesus, it would be this.

    Because true prayer is a request for assistance, a petition if you will.

    A spell on the otherhand is an order, or better yet a re-ordering of the universe.

    Of course you would think that people who went to divinity school would know the difference.

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