Friday Night Concert Clip: Ray Brown, “A Night In Tunisia”


Ray Brown (October 13, 1926 – July 2, 2002)

If you think drums are loud, unmusical and crude, this isn’t for you.  Having alienated MOST of my VAST readership with that lead, if you like jazz and in particular, jazz drumming, click below, because you’ll witness a superb sample of one of the least heralded BEST drummers in the western world,  Jeff Hamilton.



Here Jeff appears with a stellar trio featuring another lesser-known but incredible artist, Gene Harris on piano and  famous Bassist, Ray Brown, who showed up everywhere, boosting the careers of many young musicians, including Dianna Krall.

I got to see Jeff Hamilton with his own trio at a small club about 15 years ago. It was a dinner club setting and our table was right up front.  At that time I took drum lessons and attended at the urging of my instructor, Steve Dodge of  Columbus Percussion.

Jeff is amazing. Even when he explains how he does something and then does it, it’s incredible. He make sit seem effortless.  Jeff approaches drums with an ear toward drawing from them a full spectrum of tonality and texture.  His dynamic range is broad, adapting quickly from brushes, to sticks, to hands on drums, to hand claps.  This piece features  Jeff  Hamilton in superb form, on Dizzy Gillespie’s ” A Night in Tunisia.”


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2 Responses to Friday Night Concert Clip: Ray Brown, “A Night In Tunisia”

  1. dailyplanetprincess says:

    Thank you for enlightening me to the talents of Jeff Hamiliton. Off the charts amazing……simply PHENOMENAL.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Yeah, if you ever have a chance to see his trio live, especially in an intimate venue, don’t pass it up. He’s completely down to earth as well. Just a gifted musician, all around–Other cool clips of him are on YouTube, doing clinics and such.

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