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Hamilton County in Ohio is a GOP stronghold.  It’s the source of all manner of dirty tricks and GOP BS, the far-right fringe  in the state, including the nefarious Representative Jean Schmidt of Ohio’s 2nd District, who’s trying to get re-elected.


A recent web post by Hamilton County’s GOP head, Alex Triantafilou, displayed a photo of Dr. Evil (from the  “Austin Powers” series) juxtaposed with a shot of Arlen Specter (then bald,  due to chemo as he was being treated for an aggressive brain tumor.)


Apparently “Mr. T”  thought badly of Mr. Specter’s defection to the “Democrat” Party and decided to vilify him by the comparison, even though at the time of the photograph,  Specter was battling Hodgkin’s disease.(POST HAS BEEN REMOVED as well as  Google cacheif a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it…) But it was there, I saw it earlier today. AP report here

Alex Triantafilou

Alex Triantafilou

To his detractors, Mr.  Triantafilou said “lighten up,” advice he should heed should he ever has chemo and someone makes fun of his appearance–before promptly replacing the photos with one of a frowning child. What a total ass-clown!

But that’s Hamilton County, OH  for you.  Welcome!

You may remember Schmidt from this House Floor rant…


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