Joe the Plumber’s Weekly Publicity Stunt


Mr. Clean Leaves a Sheen Where You Clean!

Joe the “WHAddehva…” Wurzelbacher today declared that he’s no longer willing to shill for the GOP.  The cacophonous sound of crickets chirping was superseded only by the sound of Sam-Joe biting the hand that has so generously fed him.

In fact,  the sound was much more akin to that which would ensue should  Joe awaken in an embrace with a sound-asleep gay and have to gnaw off his own arm in order to escape.

I can’t wait to see what Joe does next! Reality TV is a sure thing.  Somewhere, someone’s GOT to be hawking a script. Think it’ll drop in time for this year’s Fall sweeps?

I’ve reported on this schmuck routinely and must admit, I don’t care to write one more word about him, so read Raw Story’s account here.

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2 Responses to Joe the Plumber’s Weekly Publicity Stunt

  1. skyewriter says:

    I just thought a moment ago: the GOP *does* have at least one new idea: Don’t be a Republican.

  2. Catherine says:

    Good bye Joe and good riddance.

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