Savage Gets FREE Extended CNN Promo

Radio Host Lawsuit
Michael Savage claims to have a doctorate.  In what…INSANITY?  HATE?

England has banned radio talk show sphincter-mouth Michael Savage.  One of the lesser-known right-wing babblers, Savage deserves no attention.  Even so, like so many of his conservative counterparts, Savage recruits legions of regulars who insist on tuning in for their daily doses of hate, bigotry, paranoia, fear and slander.

Kudos to Great Britain for their wisdom. The only problem is, today, belching his “righteous indignation,” Savage got EXTENDED coverage in back-to-back segments on CNN.

Of COURSE Savage is going to capitalize on this “outrage”.  He’s a media whore.  It’s what he does every day. He’s doing so “on principle,” he notes, stating from a opulent setting that he would never have to do another broadcast in order to enjoy his current lifestyle indefinitely, and on this, I’m sure he’s not lying.

Remember Glen Beck?  Five years ago he’s a regional right-wing radio nobody. The industry breaks right for these sibilant sons of bitches.  They don’t need help.

Morning anchor John Roberts of CNN closed with the sagely “I guess no publicity is bad publicity”.  How Roberts ever got past Duran Duran, I’ll never know.  And don’t get me started on his “perky” (and in saying so, I don’t mean to be sexist)  partner.


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4 Responses to Savage Gets FREE Extended CNN Promo

  1. christian says:

    reading this a year later, its funny that the majority of the country disagrees with the views of this article.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Not that being out of step with the “majority of the country” is bothersome but you base your comment on what facts, exactly?

  3. Jason Duncan says:

    TThe fact is, the article began with “sphincter mouth” and continued to spew distasteful judgments. I’m frankly not a Savage fan. But you sir, truly have your head in the sand if you can’t think for your for yourself and filter his remarks to see that he is spot on most of the time. It’s not propaganda if it is fact.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Guess I’ll be needing a straw then. I stand on my “distasteful judgments”.

    These profit-motivated pundits bloviate for one reason; not to be right or wrong, but to become (and to stay) rich. Sensationalism, indignation, repugnance, anger, slander and hate sell. And if you accept any pundit’s view as “fact,” just who, then is thinking for whom?

    BTW, facts can indeed be used to propagandize and in fact, can enhance propaganda by providing it a semblance of legitimacy. A few facts liberally strewn amid fabrications enhances perceived credibility and can work as an ad hominem argument in reverse. (“If A can be proven true, B, although speculative rather than factual, must likewise be true”).

    These aside, well written response. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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