Friday Night Concert Clip(s): The Hellecasters

Fancy Tele

Last week I featured one of my favorite songs by a giant of the Fender Telecaster, Roy Buchanan, who we lost way too soon.  In the`90s I became aware of a band of top-notch players, guitarists of incredible individual skill that when combined, created guitar-based music like little I’d heard before.

The Hellecasters are known for their pricision, feel and superb interpretive expression.  Also Telecaster fans, it didn’t take long to detect their affinity for Roy Buchanan.  This “medley” is just 2 tunes, a Hellecaster original, “Back on Terra Firma,” followed by “Sweet Dreams,” a classic country song that Buchanan made on of his signature songs and was recently featured in the Martin Scorsese film, “The Departed“.

So consider this my tribute to the Hellecasters, a band of super guitar slingers from Bakersfiled, CA (innovative giants in a hotbed of what became known as “New Country,” ) as they do they what do so well, followed by their homage to the late, great Roy Buchanan.



BONUS: “Inspector Gadget”.

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