Former Enron Big Fish Skilling Wants Off Hook

"It's Lonely at the Top"

Skilling in Better Days: "It's Lonely at the Top"

WASHINGTON (CNN)-Jeffrey Skilling the former Enron CEO who presided over one of the most destructive corporate debacles in history, thinks that he’s made sufficient license plates to atone for his indiscretions, thank you very much.  According to attorney Daniel Petrocelli, Skilling was railroaded by prevailing media coverage that tainted his Houston jury and therefore, did not receive fair and equal treatment under the law.

While the veracity of Skilling’s contentions may be subject to debate (in some distant,  parallel universe) I’m, willing to concede to his request on one condition: that he agrees  run a gauntlet comprised of respondents a national ad soliciting participants in his corporal punishment.  At  the end, a pit can be dug  to accommodate what’s left of him.

Petrocelli stated, “The widespread, persistent, and scathing demonization of Skilling by the Houston media far exceeded the editorial commentary” allowed by the high court in similar cases, said the appeal. Questionnaires submitted by potential jurors “confirmed the breadth and intensity of the hostility toward Skilling.”

When one reflects on all of the lives and futures the Enron disaster –and Mr. Skilling–so willingly destroyed, it’s hard to summon compassion for its perpetrators.

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One Response to Former Enron Big Fish Skilling Wants Off Hook

  1. dailyplanetprincess says:

    If anyone else exhibited similar patterns of denial, they’d be taking up permanent residence in a rubber room. Skilling and Petrocelli are clearly under the delusion that anyone gives a crap.

    Honestly…how do these people sleep at night????

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