Miss Anti-Gay Marriage: More “Topless” Photos and the Donald

Miss USA

Carrie Prejean: "Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!"

I mentioned last week that we should most likely disregard or at least not attach much significance to comments or advice from anyone who wears or has recently worn a bikini and high heels.

The recent flap over Miss California’s Carrie Prejean’s answer to a question from pageant judge and celebrity gossip blogger Mario Lavandeira (aka Perez Hilton), long known for his unethical journalistic practices and Ms. Prejean’s subsequent submission to the extreme evangelical right-wing of the GOP, via multiple TV appearances and this excerpt from a radio interview with God’s own swift sword, James Dobson…

I felt as though Satan was trying to tempt me in asking me this question. And then God was in my head and in my heart saying, “Do not compromise this. You need to stand up for me and you need to share with all these people . . . you need to witness to them and you need to show that you’re not willing to compromise that for this title of Miss USA.  And I knew right here that it wasn’t about winning. It was about being true to my convictions.”

Scandalous leaked photo

Scandalous leaked photo


…culminates today in a judgment by the uber-sagacious Donald Trump.  It also provoked cacophonous media coverage, including a lengthy, critical  response from the pageant’s director. Pageant officials have complained that Ms. Prejean violated her contract by posing “topless,” however Miss California contests their allegations.  She claims that the most revealing were in fact, “Photo-shopped” by an unscrupulous photographer in an overt attempt to defame her.

As I type this post, people all over the planet starve to death, are denied basic health care, are being kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered… “Que sera, sera…”

CNN is carrying it LIVE! (Goose-bumps!) I tremble with anticipation for the Donald’s edict



The Donald Rules! Miss California prevails, thanking God for His intervention in pursuit of her duties as Miss California and support of  “opposite marriage!”

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11 Responses to Miss Anti-Gay Marriage: More “Topless” Photos and the Donald

  1. dailyplanetprincess says:

    Donald Trump being “uber-sagacious”….you were being sarcastic…right????

    The superficiality of our society and the importance they place on such frivolous events never ceases to amaze me.

    Honestly…why this story has any relevance in the world is beyond me.

    I could only imagine the possibilities if all the folks involved in this event put their energy into addressing the needs of those that are truly suffering in the world, rather than this trivial bs, what an amazing outcome would result.

    Our priorities in this country continue to be a bit skewed!

    Thanks Paul for keepin’ it real, as always!

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    DT “uber-sagacious” indeed OOZES sarcasm. Yes, we be “scewed”.

    You’re welcome and thanks for reading.

  3. skyewriter says:

    I can’t wait until they start looking deep into Mr. U.S.A.s past.

    But, ohhhhh. There aren’t objectifying, belittling, and completely sexist pageants for men.

    Unless, of course, The Chippendales counts. (*ew*)

    I swear I am not a bra burning feminist. Just a bra wearing feminist meekly poking fun at cultural traditions of judging women based on how well they walk in high heels in a bikini, how good they look in an evening gown, and how well they can answer a question in extemporaneous speech.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Well, if beauty is skin deep, these contestants must have thicker skin than the rest of us. That said, their “beauty” is manufactured and enhanced. They are the Velveeta of human feminine beauty.

    We have “equality” in bodybuilding competitions, I guess– Surgical procedures aside, all contestants in those events look pretty much alike (at least to me).

    I still find it remarkable that women tolerate (and celebrate) such ritual objectification and that our society not only accepts but glorifies gender-specific human “Best in Show” events.

  5. Catherine says:

    Sickening. I feel ill that she has received this much press. Nice job Paul, as usual.

  6. Paul Sonderman says:

    God Bless the USA!

  7. Rolexmonger says:

    Well, what can one say about this nonsense that has not already been said better by many? I must admit that that babe in her high heels gives me a raging hardon and makes me feel glad that I have a penis, however, the seriousness with which all of this crap has been covered is astonishing. Let’s face it, we are talking about tits and ass and nice legs, nice curves, and it gets us all thinking about how much we would love for her to be sucking our dicks instead of Donald’s dick. Point is that there are more important things going on in my life than what anybody says about this bimbo from one of the most corrupt states in the union. And who really cares about what the homosexuals think anyway? Does anybody really care what they think? There was a time when not only was it uncool to admit to perversion to anyone, but you could get seriously fucked up by a baseball bat in a park if you dared act on your deviance in public. Now we are letting degenerates put rings on each other’s fingers and calling it marriage. What’s next? Legalising anal sex between men and 8 year old boys? Why don’t we just go all the way and encourage boy scout leaders to be experts in oral pleasure, and to instruct their cub scouts on how to lick and suck a penis properly, so that by the time they become tax-paying sodomites, they won’t have to visit the glory-holes and public toilets, like George Michael? Hell, why don’t we build special bathrooms for sodomites only, and let them do whatever they want in there at our expense? After all, we are a Christian nation and we know the difference between right and wrong better than anybody else in the world. Right? Seriously, I think that little miss bubblehead with the famous oral skills (ask Michael Phelps and Matthew McConaughey) ought to stick to silicone, personal lubricant, and fluff for idiots, cause that is what all of this is about. Keeps you all from thinking and doing the really important things in your own lives. All roads really do lead to Rome, sadly.

  8. Christ Believer says:

    That was unreasonable 4 Donald Trump 2 do that. I love u Carrie! ❤ Stay true in ur faith and don't let this change what u believe or who u r. U r a truely amazing person inside and out!

  9. Paul Sonderman says:

    Get real.

  10. Brian says:

    Why is it that she shouldn’t have the right to speak out against gay marriage? Doesn’t Perez Hilton have to right to speak for it. Both Obama & Biden have publicly stated that they are against gay marriage. Where’s the outrage against them?

  11. Paul Sonderman says:

    You miss the point entirely.

    The outrage, as it turns out, isn’t that she “spoke out”. Rather, it’s that she’s made herself into a victim, and an ultra-conservative cottage industry behind “morality” when past events prove her “Morality” is a matter of convenience (aka profit). Turns out she’s an apparently amoral hypocrite with one goal: opportunity (regardless of truth).

    She actually went on morning TV this week and said that she made her masturbatory sex tape for her boyfriend’s “use”. Granted, she was 17. We all do stupid stuff. But this chick’s far from a role model, which is what the right paraded her about to be. Therein lies the outrage. The right seems immune or oblivious to hypocrisy.

    BTW, if the Bible prohibits tattoos, wouldn’t other cosmetic modifications like breast implants, intended to make on more seductive, also qualify? I wonder.

    Mother Theresa, this chick ain’t.

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