If You Can’t Beat the One You Want, Beat the One You’re With


Bush-appointed conservative Supreme Court Justices led the pack today to remove from the table any accountability for higher-ups responsible for mass detention and subsequent alleged unfair treatment of terror suspects after 9/11. Held harmless so far are FBI Director Robert Mueller and former Attorney General John (hide the titties on the statue) Ashcroft in an action brought by Javaid Iqbal’s (Ick-ball), a Pakistani Muslim held in solitary confinement in New York for nearly six months in 2002. Iqbal alleged he had been detained and tortured because of his religious beliefs or race.  The government and court disagreed.  According to NBC News correspondent Pete Williams,

This is a case we’ve been watching carefully because if this Pakistani Muslim had succeeded with this lawsuit, there certainly would have been hundreds more,” Williams said. “He was one of those who was sort of rounded up in the weeks after 9/11 when the FBI and law enforcement were generally looking for people who might have conceivably had any terror connections, and as a result of that, a lot of Muslim men were put in holding cells in New York and the Justice Department has since said that many of them were mistreated.” So what Justice Anthony Kennedy said today in announcing this decision is that the lawsuit here comes up short,” Williams added. “So it’s a 5-4 decision along the usual breakdowns. As I say, i think if this had gone the other way, then we would have seen a lot more lawsuits.”http://rawstory.com/08/news/2009/05/18/supreme-court-rejects-torture-suit-against-mueller-ashcroft/

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One Response to If You Can’t Beat the One You Want, Beat the One You’re With

  1. dailyplanetprincess says:

    No real surprises here.

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