Dick Morris: The Only Thing To Fear is EVERYTHING!

DIck MOrris

Dick Morris

I get email from the right-wing echo chamber, News Max– whose content is similar to Fox News but with more print and fewer bimbos.  I know it sounds sexist but I prefer to hear hateful, provocative, baseless talking points come from older, uglier, insipid, grown-ass men than from younger, “chirpy,” smiling, “pin-up” looking copy readers.  I want my bad news from someone who looks like 5 or 6 miles of ROUGH road, the uglier, the better.

I also get snail mail from the GOP.  I voted against Ken Blackwell in the `04 Primary as a Republican and desperate for members, they don’t seem to purge their lists, no matter how annoying or obscene responses are.

Both sources of information are amusing.  The arguments are seldom factual yet feature elaborate constructs on the flimsiest of foundations and assumptions so baseless that any attentive 10 year-old can see through them.  Of course, they pass these off as fact and the right never questions them. Careers continue to thrive following this formula.

The continued presence of former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris  proves this.  Resigning from his post amid a 1996 prostitute scandal, Morris has been grinding axes for the GOP ever since.  As a media commentator, he has been a Fox News staple.  He’s wrong a lot. For example, of Hurricane Katrina, Morris said,

Katrina has the capacity to shape the second Bush term in the same way September 11 shaped his first term—not only in rebuilding New Orleans but in taking preventative steps around the nation to bolster our defenses against natural and man-made disasters and terror strikes. Responding to disasters is a source of presidential strength and popularity, and Bush is about to show how it is done.”  (WOW!!!!!!!!)

Given this and other idiotic statements (MANY,  MANY,  MANY)  that spew uncontrollably  from his open mouth, one must ask, “Why does anyone PAY him for his opinions, let alone pay attention to them?”  I honestly can’t answer that.

Hope you enjoy the clip.  See anything new here?  What am I missing?  BTW, it turns into an infomercial at around 3:42 so you may want to bail.  Still, it’s worth a look.


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