GOP Exodus?


With guarded optimism, I’ve taken note of recent polls that show a growing trend of GOP abandonment.  Of course, I ignored them.  But reports get  ever more numerous, detailed and well, credible.

Is the GOP really in trouble?  The pundits think so.  But they’re all pretty much tools.  I can’t think of one of them who’s never let me down at one point or another.  They all seem to  say whatever keeps them in the public eye.  Like a battered spouse, I WANT to, NEED to  believe.   I’m prone to accept the lie,  eager to forgive, willing to give a second chance–then a third.   I convince myself that this time, everything will be different.  I believe it because I must. It’s no big deal– I wasn’t really USING that Spleen anyway, was I?


I started out writing this as a level-headed post, one noting a recent trend.  But as I write, it connects with deeper, more visceral elements of my being.  I feel  a rant coming on.

As a liberal, I’m used to parallel universes, denial, rejection and disappointment.  My disillusionment goes back to 1963, when Jack Kennedy was murdered.  It grew as I aged, lost family in Nam, watched the war escalate, became part of the anti-war movement,  saw the wholesale lies and propaganda purveyed throughout the “War on Drugs,” watched countless rays of hope and humanity as they were extinguished one-by-one and despaired the steady decline of liberty and free speech that resulted in today’s America.

Perhaps as a defense mechanism, I tend  to ignore trends that veer in my favor.  I always hope for the best but expect the worst.  I await the drop of the other shoe and always, the dark  punchline.  Over decades, under the thumbs of  liars and despots like Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, my “disappointment” turned into “trauma”.  I have PTGOPD.

I’ve learned not to gloat.  Dems can’t afford to gloat, although some still do.  Republicans gloat.  I can’t.   I’m afraid to.   Instead,  tremble in the shadows, awaiting the next (perhaps the “death”) blow, grateful when excess-induced slumber overtakes  my current master, providing a respite of peace.  Unfortunately, my chronic cowering allowed the GOP to raid and stack our courts in their favor.  If we ever overcome this, it will undoubtedly take decades and I wonder, do we have that long?

When something good happens, like when a transformational leader surfaces then gets elected, I’m like Carrie at the prom: happy, giddy in the face of  sudden, awkward recognition yet uncomfortable.  How did this happen?  What should I do?  (Don’t look up).

Decades of liberalism have turned me into a political agnostic. The beautiful, perfect cake will fall– the pretty blue balloon will break.  “Political agnosticism” is my defense from th e inevitable disappointment, the disaster, the scandal, the cruel fate that rides shotgun on the Democratic Party Express. gop-dying-wish

That said, please accept what follows with a mine of salt.  With deepest regret, I report that recent Gallup polling shows that the GOP is falling from favor, pretty much across the board.  If these polls are to be trusted, only elderly and “church-going” GOP faithful hold onto their conservative ideology with a death grip.  The rest seek alternatives, if not true, at least in name.  Admitting to be a Republican appears to be unfashionable. Last night,  Meghan McCain, appearing on Colbert’s “Repore, ” admitted she not only a proud Republican but “pro-sex!

Atta girl!  Bring unabashed, brazen  SEX back to the GOP– peep shows, feather dancers, push-up bras, porn, convention/committee meeting hookers,  toilet stall homosexual sex and pedophiles in Congress–screw the religious right (they’re no fun anyway–sparkling cider?  Gimme a BREAK!)

Run on what you really believe.  Go for greed, the “finer things,” class warfare, keeping the poor down, bigotry, deceit  and discipline.  Run off all the illegals.  Send `em packin’! Build impenetrable border fences–America’s “Great Wall.”  Electrify it. Coat it with Cyanide.  Reinforce it with a sulfuric acid moat.

We need more jails.  Jails can be the new “projects”. Raze inner city slums.  Erect prisons there. You don’t need welfare if all of the poor are imprisoned.  Plenty of room for everybody.  Jail everyone that disagrees with you. All prisoners are sterilized upon entry.  Think of all the corrections jobs you’ll create–not to mention the Homeland Security resources you’ll bolster.  (Short jump from prison  guard to Homeland Security Officer). Discipline can be the new stimulus.

Reverse Roe v. Wade.  Abolish contraception.  Don’t worry about population control.  Put AIDS to work for us.  It’s a damn good virus. We all gotta’ die of something.

No need for national health care . Those not in prison can afford their own, prisoners get theirs for free.  Perfect. Two classes: “in” and “out”. Clean and simple. And every convicted criminal gets 1 of 2 punishments: life without parole or death.  Capital Punishment is mandatory for all felonies.

Global Warming is for pussies.  To hell with “green” jobs.  God’s will is well, incontrovertible. Why waste time and money trying to delay the inevitable?  Screw the future. We won’t be around to see it anyway (possible future GOP campaign slogan).

Can we believe that the GOP has become the “leisure suit”  of today’s business casual?   Perhaps these figures indicate something more meaningful.  Still, I refuse to speculate on their gravity. I’m content at the moment to accept only the notion that that endorsing the GOP is akin to  admitting that one is completely out of step with the rules of law, nature, principle and logic.

If so, let me remind you as a lifelong liberal that while it may be a trend, one we may appreciate until the next “big thing” comes along…trends change.  Let’s not become happy and complacent. Hubris kills.  And the next “big thing,” at least in my lifetime,  has in most cases proven to be worse than the last “big thing”.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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