“Ace” Ventura BEASTS Fox & Friends

I know this is getting tedious but please stop yawning long enough to indulge me one last time.

I REALLY didn’t intend to post another “Ventura on Torture” interview.  Of all the heinous FOX on-air “talent,” I consider the hosts of “Fox and Fiends” the most offensive. They always seem SO happy as they spit venom, trade banal quips, suck down coffee and vomit opinion.

I think my second choice for worst “morning show” amazingly enough, isn’t on Fox, but MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” which I believe to be a malignant tumor on America’s embattled colon.

The top of the heap features Hannity and O’Reilly, which IMO combined, still only rank “2” on a “1 to 10” integrity scale.  In between, a stultifying array of asinine, craven narcissists provide the poison rightie viewers can’t live without.

So unless something physical, magical or miraculous happens, this is the last Jesse Ventura torture interview I intend to post.  I promise.


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