Rather a Democrat Socialist Than The Village Idiot

Democrat Socialism-Sri Lankan Flag

Democrat Socialism-Sri Lankan Flag

The Party of “No” has become the party NO IDEAS, a mindless flock of middle school-minded, emotionally retarded peckerwoods preparing to actually bring to an official vote a resolution to RENAME its adversary, the Democratic Party, as the “DemoCRAT SOCIALIST Party, thereby “re-branding” us with a moniker intended to evoke feelings of hatred, dread, oppression and government interference.  This clearly demonstrates the intellectual bankruptcy and total absence any real ideas in the GOP.  They’re about sneers, snarls and sarcasm but not solutions.  Their arguments ultimately reach the level of  “I know you are, what am I?”

My Godmother was paranoid. For real.  She saw communists behind every tree and bush.  She fed her paranoia by reading books on the communist threat.  She could scarcely conduct a conversation without mention of communists and their danger to the US.  Behind closed drapes and locked doors, she obsessed on the threat. After therapy, she eventually became less fearful.

Back then, the nuns used to tell us stories of communists taking over our country, forcing us to urinate on Bibles, deny our beliefs and engage in all manner of horrifying sacrilege that gave me nightmares.  We did drills so we could survive the “Big One” when it hit (as if).  Some families built shelters.  It was a crazy time, one I was happy to leave behind.  Yet the GOP seems inclined to relive those times in order to gin up fear and votes.  How?  By dredging up fear; by “rebranding” opponents…by calling dissenters traitors.

Listen up.  Branding is for Peanut Butter.  It nauseates me when a bunch of overpaid suits lounge around a high-rise corner conference room, looking all dreamy, debating the relative merits of a groups “BRAND” –as philosophy, policy and ethics are reduced to mere marketing tactics.

The “education” brand is really in trouble.  What’s wrong with the gay “brand”?  How about the feminist brand? The immigrant brand? The CHRISTIAN brand?  The LIQUOR brand?  Congress’s brand?   How about the “ass-hole” brand?

Brand  as it relates to a group of individuals is in itself, an over-simplifying, idiotic contrivance.  It accounts for no individualized behavior, insisting on manipulation of  a “herd” mentality.

Quite comfortable with labels, the GOP seeks to PROJECT their perceived negative branding (Socialism) onto Democrats, who they feel, will be forever known as SOCIALISTS, akin to communists (they make no distinction), which of course are vermin, much like Jews were to the Nazis in WWII.   When in doubt, instill fear and hate.  Make opponents loathsome, subhuman. Welcome back to McCarthyism.

I’m 56. I remember Eisenhower. I became politically aware as a teen, following Kennedy’s campaign and have remained informed ever since. In all that time, until now, I’ve never seen the GOP make bigger mistakes, resort to out and out lies and in a party KNOWN for dirty tricks, rely on them so heavily rather than differentiated policies.   Republicans today are all  slime and NO substance.   All hat, no cattle…attack dogs with little more going for them than light skin, “family values”  and a blood lust to WIN.

So if they want to call me a DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST– if that’s what it takes to differentiate me from a party of “one-liners,” lies of the day, character assassinations and daily derision, I’ll put it on a freaking “DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST” T-Shirt!  Better a Democrat Socialist than a redneck ass-hole.

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