Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson


I have to thank Alpha Inventions for exposing me to a site called “Bad Habit,” which has one of the most effective Mastheads I’ve ever seen (photo without text shown above).

Of course, being Catholic and having been taught until high school by nuns not unlike those pictured above makes me a sucker for such imagery.  As I began to explore “Bad Habit”  I stumbled over some extreme silliness I want to share.

Those of you who know me well understand that I have a taste for the absurd that stops just short of cruelty, blasphemy (most of the time), bigotry, sexism and pain.  Humor can expose the worst in us. It can cut like a thousand knives and skillfully disguise evil intent.  Laughter can be an automatic response.   It may cover nervousness or awkward silence.  A careless laugh can make one feel the sting of guilt and can hurt feelings.  Some jokes are inappropriate regardless of context or audience. That’s not the case here, though–at least not for me.

This may be the “Grey Gardens” of Christian Puppetry.  You’ll either love it or hate it.


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