I saved this for a reason, back in 2001.  Since I just found it, I must assume its discovery  serendipitous and post it here.

So I missed by three days.  Not bad for 8 years!


woman saw________________________________________________________________


On May 18th, 1870, Steve Colder, magician, performed the first “saw a woman in half” trick. The audience packed the hall for the show.

But when blood started to flow from the openings in the box, it became apparent that the trick was not successful. The woman died and Colder spent the rest of his life in jail.

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4 Responses to TODAY (Minus 3 Days) IN HISTORY

  1. skyewriter says:

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for the lady in the box… well, of course I feel sorry for her (that must have been agony). But you have to admit, it is pretty funny, in a sick, twisted way.

    Now, if we could only reproduce that trick and have Chris Angel be in the box… or David Blaine… or David Copperfield.

    I know I am making some enemies now. But I mean it all in good fun.

  2. alissamiles says:

    Well, obviously, if he were a real magician he could have escaped prison. Oh, yeah. And not killed that lady.

  3. Paul Sonderman says:

    I certainly feel sorry that she trusted the guy. But if there had been no audience, at least in this case, there would likely have been no reason to go to these lengths for amusement. It’s the potential for bad outcomes that makes voyeuristic patrons clamor for ever more sensational entertainment.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    “real magician?” Isn’t that an oxymoron?

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