Democrats: You WON! Stop Cowering and Start Crowing


I’m deeply disappointed with the legislative branch of  our government, especially with its  Democrats.  I’ve tried to be patient but they had a “grace period”  since `06 during  which they could practice for this eventuality.  They found a terrific candidate who ran an impeccable campaign, winning with a clear mandate for change.  It was no normal election.

Still they flounder.  I was indignant when republicans complained because Obama failed to wave a magic wand or something to turn the steaming pile of shit that Bush-Cheney had deposited at his feet into gold bullion.   I said, “Give him time”.  But Congress is another matter.  It has had time and at this point, they’re simply pathetic.  I’d like to to see top-down changes, and soon.

In Obama, we finally have a transformational leader , one that is being all but ignored by our elected “politics as usual” bureaucrats in Congress.  The GOP is in an increasingly vulnerable state. They no longer know who they are.  To distract America,  they even tried to rename the Democratic Party–Sweet, jumpin’ Moses!  Are we EXPLOITING this inner turmoil and  navel-gazing?   Nope.  Why not?   We should be siccin’ swarms of locusts on their sorry asses.  But, no.

Obama wanted to be nice.  We tried.  But in case you didn’t notice, the GOP is a bunch of amoral pricks.  They respect one thing, POWER.  And they’re willing to lie cheat, steal and kill to get it.

“Shooter” Cheney, who should be wearing flip-flops and taking orders from a heavily tattooed mono-syllabic mouth-breather named “Spike” is instead “on the circuit,” criticizing our only hope of transcending the Apocalypse that the Bush administration along with a complicit media created–the very media that now provide “Shooter” his platform. The GOP has bought and built their media empire for well over 2o years, using politicians, law, corporate funding, pay to play and sympathetic contributors.  They own numerous “institutional” podiums and considerable media.  They own the courts.  They don’t NEED to trifle with facts or truth.

We’ve had  eight years of  DISMAL failure and profit-taking by perhaps the most corrupt regime in American History to clearly demonstrate that Dick Cheney and his power-mad associates are complete demagogues.  Yet we still listen to him.   The media conducts polls to assess his “approval rating”.  WTF?

I admit, I first became disillusioned with Nancy Pelosi the day she announced that impeachment of Dubya was “off the table”.  Even so, I wanted to give her benefit of doubt and at times, she indeed showed backbone and brilliance. But the counterpoint has been a series of disappointing lapses when  strident pursuit of GOP hypocrisy was warranted, starts and stops, inconsistencies, repeated submission to coercive GOP fear tactics and what she feels, I assume are pragmatic responses that I (and the GOP) interpret as weakness.  When what we need most is strong, fearless advocacy, she caves.  I’d rather try and fail even if only on principle, so we at least are on record as opposition.  I feel Pelosi equivocates, submits and relents far too much to be a leader.

Harry Reid is or at least appears to be a good, decent man.  The problem is, he’s no attack dog.  When we’ve needed strength, when we needed someone to stand up to bullying opposition, he’s been far too polite.  He, like a majority of politicians, aren’t quick to “make waves.” While dems are “going along to get along,” the GOP, even as a MINORITY party, rams it up the donkey’s ass! It’s as if we have battered wife’s syndrome.  While I agree with Barack when he says we can disagree without becoming disagreeable, (something COMPLETELY lost on the right, which always looks for someone to demonize), we nevertheless MUST disagree, strongly, without character assault, using fact-based arguments and ultimately, brute force (by virtue of our majority status).  We tried to reach out.  It failed.  In every case, our largesse was rewarded with straight party line votes.  So unless we’re crazy, we need to switch horses.  We need to apply pressure to dems who are spineless.  We need to stick together.  Our majority isn’t wide enough to allow dissent.  Dems who don’t vote like dems should be taken to the wood shed.

We’re constantly trying to stop a spreading forest fire by pissing on it.  We’re nice.  We don’t call them out when we should.  We let opponents go unchallenged.  Unchallenged lies become legitimate in the minds of an uninformed electorate, which aptly describes the vast majority of US Voters.  The GOP successfully sells little lies, then when attention wanders, builds on them to create larger false arguments, which then lead to whoppers (by this point, “established” premises are unquestioned).  They also set up “straw man” scenarios, proposing hypotheticals as actual arguments, when NO ONE BUT THEY have presented such arguments.  To counter, we must refute the fake scenarios instead of debunking legitimate points of dispute.

It’s all very clever yet pedestrian enough to capture the attention both of  a media that ranges from apathetic to biased, more interested in “winners” and “losers” than actual policy and ideas, and a public that can’t remember what it had for lunch–forget about what they were supposed to have learned learned in Civics class 30 years ago (or last week).

Beyond color commentary on horse races, our current media is woefully inept.  Whether it involves lives lost, suffering, pain, dashed futures, forgotten population segments, scandal, crime or conflict, they always make it into some sort of contest, which then becomes their sole focus.  When they’re not doing that, they chase ambos or ceaselessly chase missing persons.  They’ve become event commentators and  crime reporters (without the reporting part).  The majority of them have become strictly tabloid-worthy story tellers.

We had regime change.  We must now capitalize on that by removing all resistance from within.  Any ranking dem who forgets his or her sense of purpose or pedigree must reconsider.  We must be unified under a common sense of purpose. Granted, it’s a big tent and a big challenge.  But the stakes are too high to equivocate.  We blow this, we may never get another chance.

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    Thanks, interesting.

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