Friday Night Concert Clip: Susan Tedeschi


If you’re not a follower of Susan Tedeschi but love the blues, it’s about time you had a taste.  She’s a terrific old school blues belter and her old school band has chops a plenty.  “Hurts So Bad” is one of my favorites for its road house feel and raw power.  I’ve never heard a bad Susan Tedeschi tune. This video could be visually better but captures Tedeschi’s wonderful style.

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4 Responses to Friday Night Concert Clip: Susan Tedeschi

  1. Lo says:

    Wow…Susan mixes the gravel in her voice with a sweetness that cuts through like the warmth of fine whiskey on a Fall evening. You could compare her to Bonny Raitt in the way she bends a musical phrase or Janis when she belts it hard. Both would be apt. But, not to belittle either of those legendary ladies of blues, Susan takes the whole experience to a higher level and greater sense of polish without feeling slick.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Well put. There are a lot of ladies singing the blues these days that kick ass. Marcia Ball, Lou Ann Barton, Rory Block, Sue Foley, just to name a few. And they have great bands, too.

  3. Lo says:

    I’m familiar with Rory Block,who by the way is amazing, but not the other ladies. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing! Love the blues.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    If you like Blues, you can stream XM’s “Bluesville”. That’s where I hear so many female Blues artists. I subscribe primarily for it and “America Left” but there’s a lot of other great stations. It really is a treat. I tire easily of always hearing the same stuff (not that I don’t have diverse favorites). I’m just not one to enjoy songs overplayed on classic rock stations regardless of what I was doing at the time of their release. Old blues hold up a lot better than much of the older rock. Rock suffers phases that date it. But blues just keep burning’.

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