Dear Diary, What a Day It’s Been.

upside-down-signSorry to have been so unproductive this past week. I’m dealing with some painful but not life-threatening health issues that have relegated me either to bed or couch, in a state of altered consciousness.  I’ll know more today.

Thanks for checking and please utilize my links to help keep current.  I know I will.

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5 Responses to Dear Diary, What a Day It’s Been.

  1. Lo says:

    Sending good thoughts and lots of positive energy your way.
    Hmmmm, a state of altered consciousness…I won’t ask. lol

  2. Polycarp says:

    Hope all is well, Paul

  3. skyewriter says:

    Feel better soon, Paul. Take care!

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    Update: Thanks for all of your comments and concern. The heart thing is cool, will need a procedure in the future, no reason to rush.

    The painful part is a blown knee that requires pain meds just to make it bearable. I’ll schedule a replacement ASAP but recovery still takes awhile.

    One anecdote of significance regards pain meds and an orthopedic surgeon that refused me any due to “practice policy,” which prohibits dispensing (narcotic) pain med except for from 60-90 days post op.

    It’s absurd. I mean, I think of pain management throughout treatment as part of the total therapeutic regimen. But this pompous jerk has compartmentalized his practice to exclude pre-op pain management.

    I have to go to a “pain management” specialist or my GP to get painkillers. I must book another appointment (waiting to get in) with another doc, share my records, beg, whatever–just to get a pain med. That’s our wonderful health care system at work.

    I dutifully made the appointment, along with another for a second opinion, which I hope will give me good reason to bypass the first arrogant prick (my orthopedist for 6 years).

    What about from now until then? This is the nuts part. I had to scrounge Oxy from friends at church who had remnants from recent surgeries (which of course is illegal) essentially turning all of us into criminals. Beyond absurd.

    But thanks again. I’ll keep reading y’all, write when I’m up to it and won’t subject you to further banal health updates!

    God bless.

  5. skyewriter says:

    Ahh, the glories of the best health-care system in the world.

    Take care of yourself!


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