Friday Night Concert Clip: Al Jarreau “Take Five”



As I  finished college, jazz had successfully crossed over to fuse with rock, “smooth jazz” was a format long in the future as many gifted jazz musicians explored different directions, combining jazz with other forms of music to create novel hybrids.

Coming from rock/blues and still relatively new to jazz, for me it was a period full of joyful discovery.  Music had always been my biggest distraction — I often arranged my life to accommodate it (like dropping out of school for a year after landing a spot as a front man for a traveling band).   Music is also what drew me to radio as a potential career.



As a singer, one artist that stood out to me was Al JarreauBobby McFerrin, who would come along later and whose name became synonymous with an uncanny ability to generate a seemingly limitless range of vocal sounds,  wasn’t “on the map” yet and like many, I was astounded by Jarreau’s marvelous technique: his improv skills, his imagination, mastery of range, pitch and phrasing, and the spectrum of sounds he produced.  Seeing him live was always a treat.  His approach is personable and warm.  He often interacts with the audience.   Jarreau croons and ladies swoon.

Back when I fell in love with the guy, this was one of my favorites, Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”.

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2 Responses to Friday Night Concert Clip: Al Jarreau “Take Five”

  1. Lo says:

    Jarreau’s remarkable vocal technique is GENIUS. What a treat. Thanks for sharing.

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