Friday Night Concert Clip: Seal’s “Kissed by a Rose”

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Seal live in an old, restored theater when he had just “broken through”.  It was much different than this but like this, his performance that night shares a silky precision, superb control and dynamics that convey nuances not heard in his recordings.  The players are all exceptional and his writing was, well, his writing.

I know this song was played to death and considered cliche. I listened to other clips and still chose this because of the lushness of the accompaniment, along with the impeccable live recording. I just wish that South Park hadn’t taken off on it as they did. It’s been hard to listen to it objectively ever since. If I’d heard it recently, I may not have thought it so impressive but having sufficiently distanced myself from it, I truly appreciate it for what it is; a seamless performance by a great singer of a terrific ballad.

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2 Responses to Friday Night Concert Clip: Seal’s “Kissed by a Rose”

  1. delicate flower says:

    I have missed watching South Park since my son moved out.. yippee… so missed the Seal Slam. I also find Seal to be a superb balladeer and in this video think he’s pretty hunky!!
    Thanks so much.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    When I saw him, I was accompanied by several female schoolteachers (including my wife) who had crushes on the guy. His stage presence is immense yet he seems unaffected by the crowd’s admiration. And the ladies love him.

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