Grassley (R-IA) Chides Obamas For Site-Seeing


Right wing memories are short.  That coupled with its tendency to create and cite  revisionist  history (aka LIES) to support current arguments  despite REAL videotape and computerized records that blow their accounts to bits, makes GOP allegations suspect at best, to be taken with BLOCKS of salt.

That said, when Iowa’s Senior Senator Chuck Grassley in repeated Sunday “Tweets” expressed exasperation, indignation and outrage over Barack and Michelle Obama’s recent “extracurricular” activities in Paris by allegedly “sightseeing” on what he portrayed as a taxpayer-paid junket, we should doubt (deeply).  We may want to go so far as to demand to stick our hand into the side of  said violated taxpayer, to examine his or her wounds.

Because the FACTS don’t support Grassley’s claims or elevated rancor.  The Obamas were indeed on the road.  Their barnstorm included truly historic speeches and attempts to reestablish diplomatic relations with Muslims and nations we’ve long ignored (other than the killing and torturing residents).

Does Mr. Grassley compare the Obama’s non-official, “off the clock” activities with those of any other modern president/first lady or first family?  Does he compare the itineraries of Mr. Obama v. ANY modern president in the opening months of his presidency? Does he mention the vacation time of George Bush v. Obama (or any other modern president)?  No, no and no. Does he mention that the Unites States is presenting its first coordinated, open, consistent foreign relations agenda in decades? (Sound of crickets).

Were Chuck Grassley capable of keeping a schedule remotely comparable to Barack Obama; would he demonstrate 1/10 the ability to multi-task, stay involved in so many key issues at a time of such critical import to the world and our weary nation, we may want to pay at least “courtesy” attention. But he isn’t and who cares?

Watching and listening to Charles Grassley is a yawn waiting for a nap.  My impression is that Obama gets more done on the crapper than Grassley does in his office.  And given this comparison, regardless of measurement criteria, I’d guess that Obama still wins in a walk.

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