Fox Host Defends DHS Report on Right-wing Extremiststs


Shepard Smith isn’t my favorite TV personality but as I’ve mentioned in the past, unlike  other right-wing hosts at Fox, CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere, along with  pundits like O’Reilly, Rush, Coulter, Beck, Medved, Savage et al, Smith seems to respond to current events and occasionally avoid GOP talking points.  He likes to think he’s more objective than he is, like Dobb and Scarborough on competing networks. They all have their moments, yet return regularly to their conservative roots.

That’s apparent in this segment.  Unlike the vocal hard-core right-wing, I’m quick show when actual fairness pokes up its head, as in this report.  Much of the babble-on extreme right media machine is blaming the left.  Check out the rightie airwaves and websites today.  Much of what you see and hear will surprise you (or not). That said, it’s nice to see when someone like Shepard Smith comes around and dissents from his network’s charter as official network of rhe GOP.

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2 Responses to Fox Host Defends DHS Report on Right-wing Extremiststs

  1. eksith says:

    I think the majority of Fox employees, including several “journalists” are in fact decent human beings. The remaining, however, have sold their soul to the all-mighty Dollar. Far too busy feeding the ratings frenzy to consider the future consequences. The “Drill, baby, drill” segment of journalism.

    Once in a while, their higher morals do tend to slip out (as we’ve seen), but these incidents are few and far between. Smith might have been genuinely frightened at some of the extremist wingnut emails.

    There seems to be a culture of sticking to an agenda irrespective of personal convictions going on — a dangerous form of groupthink — over at Fox.

    BTW, your “Full Raw Story report here” link seems to point to your own control panel.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments and the tip on my link.

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