Friday Night Concert Series: Pat Matheny, “Minuano”

Matheny Plays Custom "Pikasso" Guitar

Matheny Plays Custom "Pikasso" Guitar

When I was in college, my eyes were opened to jazz.  As a singer, I had always learned and performed by ear but I was fortunate to become friends with trained musicians who were well-versed in jazz, blessed with the patience and willingness to expose me to as much jazz as would sink in.  I found my absorptive capabilities boundless.

When a 1-hour jazz format radio show slot became open, I auditioned.  Many considered it a terrible time–every Friday night at midnight.  I considered “Round Midnight,” which always started out with Miles Davis playing the famous standard an opportunity to explore the station’s vast  jazz LP archives, which helped me learn even more.   I enjoyed doing it every week.  Many free promo discs also came my way, which more than made up for my minimum wage.

One of the artists I discovered then was Pat Matheny, at the time, a young guitarist with an ensemble that delivered songs woven of myriad textures. Featuring virtuoso soloists, his group dazzled with brilliance and felt new with every release.

Through ensuing decades, Matheny and his musical collaborators have enjoyed long, successful careers.  This orchestral arrangement of “Minuano” is exceptionally lush.

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