Skateboarding in the White House: THE NERVE!

Skateboard Legend Tony Hawk
Skateboard Legend Tony Hawk

From the “who gives a shit?”  department of the GOP comes reports of conservative blogs are abuzz with scorn over an alleged lack of respect for the grand edifice of the White House and an alleged irreverent performance their esteemed corridors by famous skateboarder Tony Hawk.  Comparing it to everything from shooting a porno in the Lincoln Bedroom to strippers and bongs in the Blue Room, according to right-wingers, this disgraceful exhibition should have raised raised our terror level to Crimson.

AP reported that Hawk’s appearance was at the behest of the White House.  Mr.  Hawk  had indeed agreed to appear upon invitation, as part of a Father’s Day forum to demonstrate the importance of the father in the family unit, a recurring theme throughout  Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. But his appearance and actions were immediately chastised in right-wing blogs, who claim Hawk was disrespectful, insulting the dignity of the office.

“Wow, haters!” Hawk posted on his Twitter account. “My passion, the sport that made me who I am, has allowed me to live the American Dream, disrespects the White House?  Not at all.”

Hawk argued that the impact of his his wheeled sojourn through the White House’s hallowed halls was no different than that of myriad wheeled carts, which traverse the corridors  on a regular basis.

“I did no damage, as I also saw cart & trolley wheels rolling along the same floor,” Hawk Tweeted. “Funny how football on the WH lawn yesterday = no drama.”

The following video of President Obama’s Father’s Day forum address was posted to YouTube, Friday, June 19, 2009:

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7 Responses to Skateboarding in the White House: THE NERVE!

  1. chris says:

    damn i look just like tony hawk.

  2. edgar says:

    ojala pudiera volver al skate

  3. Giber says:

    Tony Hawn am one of your fan I’m learning from you as olli, rail, kickflip, manual … and more … for now is to make the manual olli and I have 12 years and in my future I’ll be like you … =) I’d like you to come back to your skateboard

  4. Giber says:

    Tony Hawn soy uno de tus fan estoy aprendiendo de ti como la olli , riel , kickflip , manual … y mas… por ahora ya se hacer la olli y manual tengo 12 años y en mi futuro sere como tu … =) me gustaria que volvieras a tu skate

  5. jose perez says:

    gentleman I admire very much your fan gander

  6. andres says:

    I am your fans, that bad you left the skate and cycling

  7. jose perez says:

    I regret very much that tubieras to stop cycling and skating

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