Bill Maher: ‘Democrats Are the New Republicans.’

As a liberal longing for major change, admittedly an impractical, idealistic notion I have no right to expect at this point in my life given the history I’ve experienced, I’m disappointed by some of what I’m seeing in the Obama Administration. GOP DEM gif

What did I expect that I now doubt will occur?

We need to stand tall on ending torture, bring to justice ALL those who have shat on our Bill of Rights for the past 8 years, hold fast for a single-payer health care solution, fight for FAIR trade, not continue to cave to past FREE trade practices PROVEN WRONG,  go for what voters want instead of what weak-willed conflict avoiders are willing to supply in order to protect their careers:  safely end the  wars and America’s imperialistic conquest of the world allegedly in the name of democracy but actually in the name of commerce  by providing training, building infrastructure, establishing meaningful, effective social programs, fighting poverty, POSITIVE things to build respect among those whose lives we’ve reduced to fear, pain, death, make equal rights under law REAL instead of an empty promise, live up to our historic promise as a nation to welcome those in need, and in general, simply stop fucking with people inside and outside our borders.

What’s stopping us, the GOP?  Nope.  We have numbers now.  What stops us is lame-ass, chicken-shit democrats unwilling to live up to their promises and principles.  We face the “party of “NO” with a party of  “let’s not rock the boat”.  Is Obama really a progressive or is he being hog-tied by a party hell-bent on seeking the center-right?  Maher sums up his opinions here.

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