Japanese Study: “Chubby” People Live Longer

Jack Black

Unfortunately, I Make Mr. Black Look Trim

Every so often I see a headline that encourages. Being overweight in a culture that scorns obesity is challenging.  So much negativity surrounds overweight that it seems like a barrage, inescapable at times.  Fat people are subject to open disapproval and the subject of ridicule. The only place I seem to get any respect for my Rubenesque appearance is in the confines of my Orthopedic surgeon’s practice–the only medical professional I visit that doesn’t start by taking weight.  They LOVE fat folks! They know where their bread’s buttered.

Forget about the appearance aspects of obesity for a moment and focus simply on the health implications. It’s no doubt healthier to be of normal weight. Actuarial tables support this.  But since anyone who’s overweight has undoubtedly experienced all manner of programs designed to lose weight sometimes to reach short term success blunted by long-term failure , articles like this encourage.  Sure, we may not look like we’d prefer to but it’s reassuring to know that our inability to control our weight may NOT prematurely kill us.

When I was diagnosed as “A-fib,” I was worried.  A heart in rhythm is far more comfortable that one that flubs, blubs and stutters.  But knowing that not correcting it will not limit my life-span but only degrade its quality is oddly reassuring.  It makes  Cardiac Oblation an elective surgery, one made for comfort…kind of like buying orthopedic shoes.  That’s better than an operation required for one to live.

So, if  I have insurance, I  get it done.  If I don’t, I can let it go. If I choose the latter, it gives me a reason to not attend events I’d rather miss and in general, legitimizes related complaints.  That’s gotta’ be worth something!

So if you’re a bit of a “tug-boat,” read this.  Then, go have a slice of cold piza.

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