Franken Still Mired in Coleman BS


Franken: "You shittin' me, Bucky?"

From the “It Ain’t Over`Til It’s Over” Department,  after over six months, numerous recounts, court rulings and delay tactics by Republican incumbent Norm Coleman, Minnesota’s Republican governor Tim Pawlenty still stubbornly refuses to certify Mr. Franken as the winner of one of two senate seats in the state.  This, even though Franken appears the victor by some 300 plus votes.

AS a result, Minnesotans have sorely lacked full representation in what has been in a series of monumental decisions in the past 6 months, including unprecedented corporate bailouts, the assumption of billions of dollars of national debt, dire need for a total gutting and reconstruction  of health care.  As our families lose members in two wars, right-wing war mongers continue to rattle their sabers, all the while grousing about North Korea and our lack of support for Iranian protesters as they condemn every decision Obama makes.

Of course, Lindsay Graham and his hastily programmed Fox News robot clones clamor that Obama’s measured response to these potential “End of Days” triggers is wrong-headed, yet none suggests what course of action is “right”…  typical “all hat, no cattle”  bloviation from the right, whose contribution is a notch shy of the pissing and moaning of play yard pussies kickin’ dirt on the sidelines  after they got passed over when the popular kids picked sides for basketball.  The party of “no” is the party of  “No Alternatives”.

Franken’s presence in the Senate could go a long way toward muting the GOP hissy fit,  at least on this issue, by effectively locking in a filibuster-proof democratic majority;  if of course, dems choose to agree on anything, other than the need to save their individual asses in 2012, which seems to be nearly impossible.

In any case, seating Franken would make the possibility at least achievable should dems mange to remember who they are. Perhaps Franken’s persistence would provide the inspiration Blue Dogs need to sever the ties with industries and lobbyists that keep them from truly representing their constituents.  One can hope.

Repubs continue to encourage Coleman to be a thorn in the nation’s side. Until someone wakes up and calls this race for sure, the obstructionist GOP will continue to deny the nation the full voice of its elected representation.

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  1. great analysis, like it thanks

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