Twitter Conquers World and I’m Truly Sorry

Globe in hands

Twitter-The World in Your Hands

Being both expressive and opinionated, I occasionally direct my sometimes vindictive or at least cynical voice toward people or things that at a particular moment, I find annoying.  Sometimes people take offense and I later regret.  As this is indeed embarrassing, I do my best limit situations that require it. However, even the best of intentions can fail, as did my premature indictment of “Twitter.

Twitter has transformed the way censored news can break–an application that I felt merely enabled the tedium of banal tweets among “everybodies” on everything from thinking about where to eat, to eating, to wondering if defecation is in order, to explaining how gratifying a dump has been.

I must admit the blindfolded  “visionary” in me never conjured it as such a useful tool.  My judgmental side saw the worst of its potential and that’s where I dug in, casting aspersions on Twitter and those who relish the exchange of Tweets.

As I witness the captivating, urgent, tragic reports coming in from Iran, the error of my ways stings me.  Ouch!  I was wrong.  I am sorry.  Guess I’ll just go eat worms.

I like to think I learn from my mistakes and sometimes, do.   So mark me… I vow to never again diss Twitter.

Twitter has its place.  (Just not in my palm).  When God decides to tweet, I hope I’ve succumbed.

So “tweet on, my bad brothers and sweet sisters…tweet on”.

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