Surprise, Surprise…Another Hypocrite in “Mayberry”

mark sanford graphic

Mark Sanford…Arbiter of morality, family values, the American Way and all held sacred in the Bible Belt is a liar, hypocrite and philanderer. Say it ain’t so! (Sincerely).

Sanford In "Better Days"

Sanford In "Better Days"

Add Sanford to the LONG list of “holy rollers” found to be human.  This post doesn’t purport to present any sordid details. I had this guy figured a schmuck long before I had to hear about this latest crap.

So if  “news” on this what you seek, stop reading right now.  Go watch ANY of the cable news networks or use links provided here to get the latest the web has to offer.  Fact is, if I did know anything new, I wouldn’t want to.

Now, pay attention. Politicians are people.  Human-ass people.  Some are brighter than others, just like us.  Some are very proud and feel they’re above the law.  Many surround themselves with sycophants that continuously blow sunshine up their asses until they fall victim to their own PR, which is often written by folks even smarter than they are but (if you can imagine this) possessing even weaker ethics. Temptation can easily be confused with opportunity and rationalization, reality. Politicians are quick with a smile. They look you right in the eye as they offer a firm handshake.

Many politicians are needy.  Some have dalliances.  Some are very good at it, others suck at it. Those who appear to be the most wholesome, who always preach morality, who say really scary shit while smiling and talk about how good sex is among the churched are the most likely to be having affairs, chasing mates of the same sex, wanting to be tied up, paying hookers and needing that “special little something” in order to achieve orgasmic ecstasy.  This seems to be a bipartisan trait, perhaps related to, exaggerated by or generated by power.  I refuse to analyze them.

So, here we go again. Another ribald, sordid tale, another family on the rocks (sad indeed) another round of excuses, denials, tongues wagging and around the clock media attention. The SHAME!

Problem is, people are dying in droves. Americans are starving. Even more starve worldwide. Human life is stolen every second of every day yet here we are with our panties in a twist over this hypocrite’s unfortunate lack of control.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just plain sick of this puritanical crap. I don’t care who has sex with whom–as long as they’re legal, consenting adults and I certainly don’t give a rat’s ass about how they do their deeds.  I don’t want details.  I’ve got cable.

I do detest it when the same people who seem to have a propensity for this seem to be on the front lines of those telling the rest of us how to live our lives, suggesting they possess the moral high ground.  To remedy this, if you don’t lecture on morals publicly and are found guily of adultery, it’s none of my business.  Work it out with your spouse, family and the courts.

HOWEVER, anyone who uses public airwaves, the mail or any public forum beyond the confines of church walls to lecture on morality are free to do so under the First Amendment…until they’re caught with their “pants down,” in which case, I feel they must face a higher standard.

These folks should be neutered.  Without “junk,” they’ll stay faithful to their spouses and their values.

Priests, rabbis, preachers, citizens, pious lay people, heads of right-wing fundamentalist groups, ANYONE who lectures against the evils of the flesh in a public venue may do so, but only if they live up to their credo.  And when they fail, beyond the head wagging, hushed ribald retelling, water cooler convos, crude jokes  and “I told you so’s,” make eunuchs out of them.  Problem solved.

If we don’t have the “balls” to do that, I say no earthly consequencesx should befall them.  Let them, the courts and their families deal with their indiscetions…and God sort it out the rest.  Then the more boring among us us can concentrate on stopping the killing, death, starvation, disease and pain.

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1 Response to Surprise, Surprise…Another Hypocrite in “Mayberry”

  1. Phil says:

    This sort of thing goes on all the time…he just happened to get caught. I’ve always been faithful to my wife. I couldn’t imagine cheating on her, then looking her in the face. I guess I wouldn’t make a “good” politician.

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