You Can Call Me Senator Franken

The Winner!

The Winner!

Al Franken is Minnesota’s senator elect, according to a unanimous 5-0 decision handed down today by Minnesota’s Supreme Court, most of whom are appointees of Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota’s Republicon governor, who had refused to certify election results in the face of sustained challenges by the incumbent, Republicon Norm Coleman.  I hear a train a comin’…

Star Tribune Article Here.

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4 Responses to You Can Call Me Senator Franken

  1. Paul Sonderman says:

    Right, PC. Just hope they don’t decide to make a Federal Case out of it. They’ve been talking SCOTUS.

  2. Polycarp says:

    That’s the thing with the GOP. Within days of the election, Coleman was calling for Franken to concede – yet, months out, Coleman was still fighting when he was on the loosing end.


  3. Paul Sonderman says:

    Same folks who skewered Kerry for alleged “flip-flops”. Hypocrisy = G-O-P. Thanks for stoppin’ by.

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