Ryan Montbleau: “75 and Sunny”


Ryan Montbleau

It’s a little early for Friday Night Concert Clips, but my son just reminded me of an artist we saw open for Martin Sexton last year at a club that’s been a staple at Ohio State ever since I can remember, currently called Newport Music Hall (back in my day, it was the Agora).  Of course Martin Sexton’s amazing live but I’ve yet to find a decent quality live clip of him to post. I keep looking.

Ryan Montbeau came as a total surprise to us.  We Googled him and found his My Space page, which is great.  He’s one of those rare musician/writer/singers who can entertain as well alone as when accompanied by other talented players.

We saw him solo and were amazed.  He’s not flashy–which I consider a plus–but his voice is clean and pure, his guitar playing fluid, expressive, dexterous and remarkable; his lyrics are poetry. He appears without pretension.

Since this isn’t a “Concert Clip,” I post it today.  I’ll have a Friday Night Concert Clip for you tomorrow.

Ryan’s band is on their own, independents just trying to get a foothold in the industry. There’s not a lot of info out there on them but they’re the real deal–terrific live, built around a gifted writer, player and singer.  For a young writer to have such a profound understanding of life, living and wisdom about where he is, is to me, stunning.  Plus, like I  said, he plays his ass off.   Hope you like this as much as I do.

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