Why the GOP is Racist: Episode 1

white supremist latinaI’m sick of the GOP denying its racist roots and applying PR tactics in an attempt to mask its current ludicrous attempts to appeal to any other demographic than WASPs.   There are a gazillion examples, historic and current.  While the Democratic Party isn’t exempt, its record of fighting racism has been a part of its agenda for 40 years.  Let’s also identify the GOP’s disingenuous “Party of Lincoln” claim, which technically stands but overlooks what both parties represented then and now, as what it is, bullshit.  Lincoln may not have started out as the “Great Emancipator” but through years of gut-wrenching struggle and monumental conflict, the forge of history tempered his feelings to provide the legacy that survives him…a legacy that’s  scurrilous to associate with the current Republican Party.  Lincoln’s ever-evolving views on race are well documented.

Most republicans just don’t get it.  Diminishing any culture on its face is simply hate.  While certain stereotypes are rooted in truth, painting a culture, class or individual with them is at best, potentially fallacious and at wost, insulting.   Despite world events, it’s no more acceptable to disparage Muslims in an allegedly “free” democratic republic than it is  to use the word “nigger” to describe African Americans.

Toleration is a far cry from acceptance.  Acceptance isn’t the same as embracing.  Embracing minorities is not akin to celebrating them.  Mutual respect is the standard.  And we need not be threatened by people eager to celebrate the contributions of another culture. That’s just fear talking.  Even so, the mere suggestion of celebrating minorities for who they are as well as what they have been, in a nation that brags about its openness to the world’s downtrodden, dispossessed and aching, tired castigated masses is egregious to many “Americans”.

Of those who feel this way, my contention–an opinion formed solely by watching conservatives behave throughout my lifetime–is that most of those  voice allegiance to the GOP (or claim to be “Libertarian”–But that’s another issue for another time).   Suffice to say, however, most of those I interview who claim “Libertarian” (or moderate conservative, for that matter) status are anything but.  The term has been commandeered by conservatives disillusioned with Rovian/Krauthammer/Lutz big-business, big-government, borrow and spend, warmongering, screw states rights, press wedge issues to divide and conquer, feign patriotism and call anyone who disagrees traitors, neocons and their magic echo chamber, who have little to nothing in common with the GOP in the day of William F. Buckley (when they could write and speak), General Dwight Eisenhower  or Barry Goldwater.

Building shrines to Ronald Reagan, who the GOP deified through revisionist history and claiming to me small-government, “liberty” seeking Americans, some of whom have the nerve to even call themselves “moderate,” all these patriots want is guns, no taxes, the right to life, which they turned into a euphemism for “anti abortion,” total denial of anything remotely resembling equal rights for gays and a return to isolationism.

This is far and away not the best example, it’s the one I saw TODAY…it’s a beginning, because it’s here, now.  I humbly submit the first in a series of true stories about racist republicans.  This could easily be an AM/PM series if I had the time and perseverance.  I take comfort knowing that on a slow news day or when I get writers block, this is always be there for me.

In this humorous morsel, an obviously deep-thinking, articulate party member initiates a love fest over racial epithets between the Vice-Chair of the Young Republicans (in my youth, a euphemism for “assholes”) and a crotchety, old, hateful prick.

I love the optimism  of youth.  It’s untrammeled vision, innocent  idealism, unspoiled, thoughtful, sensitive, commitment to making the world a better place. This exchange is all of that, PLUS a perfect example of how an open-minded youngster can “reach out” to what many more jaded adults consider attitudes no longer tolerable–a product of  generational biases  some chalk up to being from a different, “less enlightened era”.

"...take this country back from all these mad coons!" (LOL!!!!!)

"...take this country back from all these mad coons!" (LOL!!!!!)

What are they thinking?  Racism is retro? “Let’s look  back fondly on the bigotry that has crippled us from within for centuries.  The Civil War is SO yesterday!”  I just LOVE me some cold, sour, angry old cracker.  Wish I had lived through “Jim Crow!”  How quaint!  I wanna grow up to be just like him!

These “Sons and Daughters of Reagan”  (SDAR)  “laugh out loud” when some self-possessed simpleton refers to blacks as “coons”.   COONS!   Holy freaking’ LOL!!!!!  Ya gotta’ love COONS! It’s SO 1963!!!  Life was simpler then.  The violence, the lynchings.  Would that we could only turn back time to when white was right and the jungle bunnies knew their places. Oh, and “spade.”  Who can forget “Spade?” Oh, we had so many colorful, pet names for them back then, LOL!!!

What a sweet young lass. This is the GOP.  White, old and LOVIN’ IT!   Country First? You Betcha!  For anyone other than white folks, though, including those “mad coons” and immigrants?  Not so much.

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16 Responses to Why the GOP is Racist: Episode 1

  1. Al says:

    Interesting post, and, yes, we Republicans have to get our act together or face the consequences of isolating others.

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Every party disappoints. Governance demands compromise. We need AT LEAST a viable 2-party system and I feel America would benefit from even more viable dissenting bodies.

    What’s wrong with the GOP is fundamental and developed over time. What it says and does are diametrically opposed. Spin works short-term. But long term, the GOP should trade buzz words, catch phrases, posturing consistent with strong, central messaging and constant negativity for real policy, consonance and presentation of viable options.

    The bitter crap that passed for campaign rhetoric in 08, the manipulation of the public, (Joe the Plumber?), the reliance on corporate media and form over function, these are what made the party seem listless last election along with the constant cheap shots, repetition of lies repeatedly proven false only to recur. The endless focus on hate tactics, including fear and racial intolerance, the ANGER that took over GOP at rallies–especially late in the game…None of it pretty. All of it hurt the GOP. Admittedly, McCain’s late recognition of Bush’s failures, especially re the Wall Street collapse hurt as well.

    That said, hate sucks–especially when the haters claim to fear God. If they lie about who they are, what else are they willing to`lie about?

    Further, we are a nation armed. An idiot with a gun doesn’t need much coaxing to make him or her want to heat up its barrel. We have idiots with guns…lots of them. Some are pissed. No one needs to make them more pissed. We must stop wholesaling hate as well as lying about who we are.

    Thanks for commenting. Good luck.

  3. Al says:

    Hi Paul,

    You’re welcome, and your comments make sense. Hopefully the new Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele, shares some of your thoughts and moves to help stabilize the Republican Party and take it out of its present free falling downward spiral.

  4. EricTheRed says:

    Paul, your site is one of the ones I enjoy (more like stomach!) as a conservative, but I think you’re way off. It’s disingenuous to pick one very inappropriate comment by some organization vice chair and generalize it to an entire party. I network with, associate with, and listen to conservative/Republicans daily and stuff like this is simply not there.

    By stark contrast, liberal racism against blacks who have left the “Democrat plantation” is mainstream and is rarely criticized by others on the left. In 2005 a left-wing news blog depicted Michael Steele as “Simple Sambo”, complete with a grotesque photo-shopped face. Remember all the Ted Rall cartoon strips depicting Condi Rice as a thick-lipped “house nigga”? Conservative Filipina Michelle Malkin (http://michellemalkin.com/2005/02/08/comments-trolls-and-the-lefts-continued-whore-fixation/) lists a bunch of racist comments made about her at Atrios’ blog (and Atrios is a college professor.)

    With respect, -ETR

    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  5. Paul Sonderman says:


    These pale in comparison to the crap the GOP slammed (and continues to slam) Obama with. I’ll be happy to provide hard facts to back up my contention. While anecdotal evidence does confirm your contention (Neither party has exclusive rights to a-holes), history is simply not on your side.

    I agree this particular story fails to rise to a level of high proof, which I hinted at in my post. I used it only because it was the first I saw TODAY. Your response confirms my suspicion that it should be a recurring theme on NWO and I truly appreciate your input.

    I’ve confess that I read VocalMinority through grit teeth and linked to you early on. I appreciate your attention to detail, however misguided I feel your assumptions may be.

    Thanks for reading (AKA tolerating) NWO. Despite our opposition, I truly feel we can disagree respectfully. Expect sequels.


  6. Paul Sonderman says:


    Me, too. Like I said we need dissent. But I prefer respectful argument over what passes for political discourse these days.

    I go off, too. I understand the passion of commitment, but I’m very selective about with whom I rant. And if a lefty pisses me off, I try to share that, too–if for no other reason than to demonstrate to readers that while I’m liberal, I’m not a left-wing apologist.

    Steele’s interesting, to say the least. He definitely has his hands full.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  7. Al says:

    Healthy dissent is a good thing, Paul, and former Republican President Teddy Roosevelt would readily agree too, but like you said above there’s a major difference between a respectful and responsible debate as oppose to either major party purposely painting an inaccurate picture of the other. I say discuss the issues and allow the people to decide which candidate at a given time is the best choice for that time and specific circumstances, but because some Democrats would prefer to bash Republicans instead of simply making their case to the people here we are in a system where the focus is way too much upon the individual political parties instead of the best interests of the people.

    Yes, you are absolutely right, Mr. Steele and the Republican rank and file have our work cut for us, but when we cease to campaign against a “rock star”, Mr. Obama, and turn our focus on the issues we may be putting our best foot forward.

  8. Paul Sonderman says:

    AGREED. Issues, issues, issues. Forget the cult of personality. Problem is, the way the media is structured, and we’re conditioned, campaigns instead focus on “red meat”.

    There’s too much character assassination, distraction and noise at times for candidates to communicate clearly on issues . The focus is on messaging more than the message. Too many pundits, too many advisers, too many freaking lobbyists. Special interests steer our leaders. Money talks. Meaningful campaign reform hasn’t happened. The lobbyists just call on different offices now.

    The process has become a problem, too. It’s way too long and the media concentrates on the horse race rather than anything substantive. I’m amazed turnout was strong last round. We owe that to the kids. If we don’t show them it was worth it, we won’t be able to count on them in `10 or `12.

    Another thing…I, for one, don’t care about what executives do with their free time, unless it’s illegal. If one seeks spiritual guidance, a politician is the last person to ask.

    I feel that focusing on all the sex in particular, takes attention from real governance. They’re not running to be God, they’re running to run the country. Making them claim or appear to be morally beyond reproach serves no one–far from it, I feel, it makes them more vulnerable to dangerous behavior, blackmail, lies and cover-ups, all of which are counter-productive. Studying history proves that adultery in office doesn’t mean a leader is weak–just human. I think that should be stay between him or her, his/her mate/family and if he/she believes, his/her God.

    We focus too much on the leader and need to look instead at the political influence machine to determine how effective our CEO can be. It benefits no one if he fails.

    The other thing is, we’ve tried 8 years of faux conservative governance. Most of us regret it. We’ve seen that supply-side economics are voodoo…it’s now twice proven here in America. We’ve seen what corporations do when they’re offered free markets, deregulation and tax breaks. Where are the jobs they promised? Where did the profits go? Who made out and who didn’t?

    Why do we think that returning to former failed policies will work? We have 16 years of recent supply-side experience from which we can to cull data. How many more years will we need before we see its promise fulfilled?

    Before we write off Obama, I want to give him a fair trial. He inherited shit. Can he turn it into Shinola? If not, is it him, or the process that failed us? If it’s the process, let’s fix it because his failure shoes only that it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of a broken system, politics as usual will bleed us out.

    For Republicans to mount a successful comeback they need mass support. Bush got beaten badly based primarily on his real or perceived failures. Should Obama suffer the same fate, what does that tell us?

    I feel that systemic failure cannot be overcome or reversed with a topical treatment. We must go deeper and find solutions that encompass a broader cross-section of the voting public.

    I don’t like what I’m seeing among blue dog dems and am disappointed, to with progress so far, but like I said, we have a real sick system here that won’t respond to treatment overnight. This gives the GOP time to regroup but I don’t see GOP Senate or House leaders leading the charge. Then there’s the pundits.

    I would like everyone, on both sides, to give Obama a chance. Some were calling for his head a month after he gained office, while in comparison, W. was still clearing brush. This is a great time for the GOP to “wood-shed” and come out looking unified. Can they do so and still obstruct the dems as they push for reform? Given what I see dems doing, I’d say your chances are good, but not without a larger, more unified tent.

    I do enjoy your participation. I have Republican friends and we’re able to talk politics. But I’ve also seen such differences kill relationships, which is sad.

    Thanks again.

  9. ZIRGAR says:

    Great post! Yes, this was only one example of racist crap coming from the right, but it’s kind of like a single specimen of a whole species that represents an entire genus of racist discourse and political commentary over the ages that have rightly dogged the GOP. I know not every Republican is racist, nor is every Democrat racially unbiased, but as long as the GOP embraces the view, however intentional or not, that white is right, then the GOP will lose out on recruiting en masse the minorities and others to the GOP ranks that it needs to be a viable and vibrant party of inclusion and fulfillment of the American dream.

  10. EricTheRed says:


    Whatever “crap” Republicans have thrown at Obama is deserved, but none of it has been racist. But if you have examples, as you say, I’d love to see them.

    Re: A comment you made to Al – Obama didn’t inherit shit, he inherited an unstable economy, to be sure, but it’s he and this overspending Congress that’s turned it into Shinola. It seems Democrats like to forget that the Bush economy was stellar until 2007. Unemployment was at rock bottom and his tax cuts so criticized by Dems brought in more tax revenue, not less. It was the housing collapse caused the whole thing to crash, and that was not Bush’s fault. TARP? Yes, Bush’s fault, but Dems in Congress were all for it.

  11. Paul Sonderman says:

    Eric, Surely, you aren’t serious. None racist? Do you have any idea how easy it is to provide a documented litany of racist remarks, signs, actions, situations, slurs, media etc. that continually erupted in the GOP during the last election? If you want one, I’ll provide it but this REALLY shouldn’t be necessary. Do me a favor, just Google Images Obama Nigger–heck, I’ll save you the trouble.


    And that’s only pics. you want the press reports? Alternate, not even Parallel Universe, yours. Your contention is patently absurd. A third grader could refute it. You’ll have to do better then this, friend but thanks for posting. And be patient. Like I said, this is indeed a deep well, one I intend to draw from frequently in coming posts. “None…racist.” Hi de ho and away we go!

  12. EricTheRed says:

    Oh, come on, Paul. I glanced at the websites where these pictures originated and I never heard of any of them. These are extremist racist nut jobs and are *not* representative of the mainstream Republican Party. I just did a web (as well as image) search for “Condoleezza Rice”+nigger and “Michael Steele”+nigger and you get a lot of the same garbage – sometimes even from the same website. So I think it’s fair to say some of these racist, white supremicist (and some anti-Semitic) sites are not affiliated of any party – they hate black people no matter what party they’re from.

    But you still didn’t address the *mainstream* examples I mentioned in my initial comment – the Michael Steel “Simple Sambo” stuff, the Ted Rall “House Nigga” strips of Condi Rice?

    Oh yeah, the “Barack the Magic Negro” line that I’ve seen falsely attributed to Rush Limbaugh? Comes from a liberal columnist in the L.A. Times. Rush was just making fun of this columnist with his parody song.

    I also notice a lot of sites that call these people the n–word are liberal blacks. Now why do *they* get to call black Republicans the n-word and get away with it?

  13. Paul Sonderman says:


    Great stuff. Classic…I will need to stick to one topic at a time, though. You’ve suggested fodder for serial posts. I’m ADD, not schizophrenic.

    As I mentioned in my most recent post, my son’s getting married this week-end. I do, however find your comments worthy of response, which I’ll attempt next week.

    So if you can afford to be patient, I’m happy to engage, just not at the moment.

    Have a great weekend.


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  15. Richard McDonough says:

    What’s Paul’s attitude now that it is clear that his head of party, Michael Steele, is a buffoon hired to be black at the head of the white party?

  16. Paul Sonderman says:

    Mr Steele can (and seems to) speak for himself. I think he’s the best GOP Party head I’ve ever seen.
    More pertinent than my attitude about him is what Steele’s station says about today’s GOP.

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