Binge and Purge: The Wedding and “The Wire”

The Wire Season 4

Corner Kids, Stoop Kids, Friends

Okay, so I took a little advantage with Ben and Jen’s wedding, which was sublime.  I fully intended to recommence Monday. I blame HBO–and David Simon.  On Monday, HBO on Demand threw up the second half of Season 4 of  “The Wire,” which I’ve seen several times but may be my favorite (a nose ahead of Season 2) .

I’m hypnotized by “The Wire.” When it appears, I gladly suspend other meaningful pleasures including riding my motorcycle and sleep to watch and re watch it. I was up most of the night.

Tuesday we had out-of-state family here and the only project I’m currently working on needed my attention.  As media rendered, I paid for my Wire Addiction, taking multiple naps as my brother read, my wife and son minding his kids.  Yes, I’m spoiled.


Major Crimes Unit Works Freah Crime Scene

Major Crimes Unit Works Fresh Crime Scene

After everyone was asleep, I was “Wired”  again  watching my favorite street drama until my eyelids refused to stay open.

Yesterday, more project;  Sotomayor brought on another nap and upon waking, I finished off  Season 4, twice now, since it went up on demand.

Today, more project–revisions and paperwork…NO WIRE YET!


The end is in sight…a Sotomayor-induced nap led to recurrence of the nagging guilt I’ve felt for abandoning faithful readers who, I’m certain, found other things to do with their time.  I particularly want to post my second in the series: “Why the GOP is Racist,” especially since Vocal Minority Blog took notice, before I restart season 4 of  “The Wire.”

Thanks to those of you who kept me informed during my binge.  Alas, it’s time to purge, which I’ll try to do at least into the week-end.

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1 Response to Binge and Purge: The Wedding and “The Wire”

  1. EricTheRed says:

    Congrats on the wedding. Will happily and anxiously await your next post.

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