Rhodes Scholars on Parade: GOP Town Meeting Attendees

Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE)’s Town Hall Erupts Over Obama’s Birth Certificate

Hmmm…Speaking of racist Republicans, here’s a freebie.  Caught it as I wrote Episode 2.  This isn’t an episode in my series.  These are just Joe Blows, blowin’ my mind.  When the woman says, she wants HER country back, what do you take that to mean?

It just jumped up and bit me. Double click to c heck out the YouTube comments.

Do you think Obama isn’t a legal citizen?  If not, what do you think he is?  Can you articulate it in mixed company without inciting a riot?

This is one extra crispy batch of  bat shit crazy white folks right cheer…the kind  any truly righteous human being would  have to pray extra hard in order to summon up the good will to piss on if they were ablaze.  Sweet, fancy Moses!

We have met the enemy and it is US!

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