Barack, Where’s the Transparency?


According to the LA Times, The White House appears to be enforcing an agenda of convenience as it falls back on Bush-era arguments to protect the identities of visitors, including key members of the health care sector.  I don’t know about you, but if true, I think this straight up sucks.

Now, y’all know that Obama’s my man.  So impressed with him am I that I’ve publicly offered to do his laundry.  But my affection, unlike love, isn’t unconditional.  I expect him to keep his promises.  Keeping secrets from voters  is one thing that the Bush administration elevated to high art. It infuriated me.  It’s also something that Obama actively campaigned against. My man.

Damn it, Barack… we have to be better than they are.  If we fall victim to the politics of convenience, we serve no one.

This kind of thing sets a bad precedent.   If it’s true, stop it.  If it’s not, refute it.  Just don’t think that you’re above accountability.  We elected you because we thought you were better than they are. Buck up, B.  Please show us that we weren’t misled.

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