At Just 6 Months In, Obama Jumps the Shark??



Prez Obama? PULLeeez!

AFP reports that a recent USA Today/Gallup poll cites tumbling numbers that show Obama trailing Bush by a point at this 6-month juncture .  No shit, a single point–that’s the news. Margin of error is plus or minus 4.

Of course, this time frame encompasses a period in which Dubya hadn’t bombed, killed or tortured anyone we know of yet. Not that Bush was inert. When not on vacation, Bush managed to do a fair amount, much of which escaped public scrutiny due to media preoccupation with the 2000 U.S. presidential election mess, Elian Gonzalez, the USS Cole attack,  the spike in OPEC oil prices and a Mad Cow” scare in Europe. Looking at this list, half appear to warrant coverage.

Someone, anyone at USA TodayPLEASE compare  Obama’s attendance, typical workday, vacation time, weekend work, agendas, major issues addressed, foreign leaders he’s met, summits he’s attended  v.  days off with that of George W. Bush in the first 6 months of 2000. A cursory search on my part produced nothing conclusive but with USA Today’s vast research resources, I’m SURE they can do better.

Even a cloistered monk could surmise that Obama’s been far more active than Dubya was in his fist 6 months (hell, Barack was busier in his first 72 hours).  When someone smart and competent is busy, things do get done.  Waves are made.  Feathers get ruffled. Opposition counters with negative ads, which sway some.

Change can be scary…Big issues, bigger dollars…especially if you’re sitting on top of the health care industry, living like a monarch…you don’t WANT change. You’re in the catbird seat. Progress can mean only compromise and screw THAT!

With actual RESULTS upon which to judge and then compare performance, reason has it that informed readers would be able to actually form opinions based on hard DATA.

No doubt this is how USA/Gallup prepared the questions to which subjects who participated in the telephone interviews responded.  No doubt.  I assume their demographic, geographic and other key polling parameters were likewise state of the art.

Given this, a poll I just conducted indicates that the value of this USA/Gallup poll v. inserting a white-hot poker deep into my rectum is a minus 16, with a standard deviation of plus or minus 2.

BTW, did you hear about Michael Jackson?  Today?  I thought so.  Damn. Me, too.

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