Friday Night Concert Clip: Blue Man Group/Tracy Bonham

One of the biggest treats I’ve ever witnessed live is right up there with Clapton, Stevie Wonder, the original Who, B.B. King, Paul Butterfield, Big Twist, Led Zep w/ Bonzo, They Might Be Giants, Ringo’s All-Star Band, James Brown, Randy Newman, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, James Taylor, Savoy Brown, Joe Sample, Miles Davis, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Little Feat, The Allman Brothers Band, The Kinks, George Benson, Alberta Hunter, Ella Fitzgerald, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Martin Sexton, Wilco and scores of other fantastic shows that I’ll never forget.


The difference is that with these guys, we don’t know their names.  They always appear in character, have different troupes in multiple markets, perform to a formula and feature a rotating cast of players.

If you’ve never seen the Blue Man Group live, you’ve missed one of the most entertaining nights of your life.  I’ve seen them several times in different venues, from club dates to large outdoor pavilions and each time they presented a program designed to maximize the surroundings yet create a fun, exciting, interactive experience full of creativity, superb music and humor. They’re simply sensational.

When I saw their “Rock Concert” iteration, Tracy Bonham opened for and appeared with them. It was my first exposure to Bonham and she was phenomenal.  With the BMG, she was likewise, terrific. I promptly went out and added both BMG and Tracy Bonham to my collection. As a drummer, I love the Blue Man Group.  As a singer/writer, I enjoy and appreciate Bonham’s gifts.  Together, they provide a truly rare concert experience.

tracybonham 4

With Bonham, it’s more than just an amazing songs. A classically trained musician, Tracy is a multi-instrumentalist with a vast vocal range, who also writes intelligent, meaningful songs.

Here’s one of her slower ballads, live outdoors; the aptly named “Something Beautiful”.  If you want to hear her show her range/ edge, audition her biting “Mother, Mother,” which sold well– a happy surprise given the sort of thing consumers typically lap up.

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