Media Grouses About Obama Press Access


Today the  New York Times and NewsMax agreed that Barack Obama’s is allegedly exercising undue control over the media by having “four times” the number of Press Conferences than his nearest Dem precursor, Bill Clinton (equating to FAR more than his immediate predecessor, King George).

Obama attributes his active communications, to making ensuring that his message overlooked or misconstrued.  With  such an aggressive agenda of issues each with its own potential ramifications, nuances,  facts and details,  he reasons that more communication is better than less.

Obama laughs at Press ConferenceIn isolation, this doesn’t seem to be of extreme import but when one considers the narrow attention span of the news media/public along with the propensity of small but contentious, sensational or conspiracy theories  trumping more important items/occurrences, real NEWS can easily get buried. The reaction by the Obama Administration is to try to communicate more. Press conferences are more frequent, as are Town Hall Meetings. The WH web site is extremely detailed and includes copious information on policies and issues.  Yet the press cries “foul!”

The irony here is far from subtle. In G.W. Bush;s first term, the press complained about how its access was limited. Press conferences were few and far between and tightly controlled. In his second term the frequency increased, but the reigns were still tight. News outlets complained that they resembled PR events rather than true press conferences, as the White House manipulated minutia.

So what is it that the press wants…access, outreach or embedded White House reporters?  It seems that no matter what they’re offered, the press isn’t satisfied.  And while they get what they get, their news organizations continue to shrink operations, close foreign bureaus, merge, sell out, shut down and get gobbled up.

American Media is one sick puppy.  Even so, colleges are crammed with students eager to enter the field, despite diminishing job prospects and an increase in reporter deaths worldwide.

Upon graduation, will they find meaningful careers in the consolidated corporate media?  Having come of age in a corporate media environment, with ever-increasing outside pressure from  groups to control, impinge upon and diminish free speech, will they burn out only to  “settle” for more lucrative careers in PR?  Time will tell.

What is certain is that the press’s role continues to change.  Time may bring less freedom and greater resistance to speak freely in a democratic republic.  Motivation to  go against the status quo could be diminished and corporate parents may exercise more message control based on the mission of its parents.

Politicians who can best suss out the changes, their impact and the best way to avail themselves of current trends that work in their favor will continue to manipulate or try to control the press, overtly or covertly.  And regardless of what form the interaction takes, it appears that the press will likely complain about it.

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4 Responses to Media Grouses About Obama Press Access

  1. pobept says:

    Hussein Obama mas not master the use of his press secretary! By the way, does he have a press secretary?

  2. Paul Sonderman says:

    Thanks for commenting. Hussein is his middle name. Do you go by your middle name or just post imbecilic, poorly composed comments under an alias? By the way, you managed to completely miss the central theme of the post. Well done.

  3. Mike says:

    I missed the press conference this week and thought I would get caught up by watching the analysis on cable news. Waste of time. I lasted less than five minutes with Chris Matthews before he started in with what Obama needed to accomplish. I wanted something a little closer to objective analysis than a commentary on whether Obama cleared Matthews’ hurdle.

    I find there is a direct correlation between how dumb I feel and how much cable news I watch. Even so, I feel a need to tune in from time to time just to see if they have remembered that they have the best, most easily-accessed medium around for teaching people about how things work and what is really going on. But still I find bloviating.

    Thank God I found the press conference on C-Span a few minutes later and got the information unedited and unanalyzed. And thank God that Obama is bringing his message straight to us with things like the weekly Saturday morning address. The MSM cannot be trusted to bring us real information on a consistent basis.

    And, unfortunately, I am often too lazy or too busy to look very hard to find good information.

  4. Paul Sonderman says:

    The news industry is crippled both by corporate ownership and changes in the way consumers get and use news. The need for 24-hour programming has made infotainment (inherently more “evergreen” than breaking news) the dominant product, as in particular TV outlet purvey tabloid trash.

    Web news lacks at times legitimacy but gets to consumers more quickly than trad broadcast news. If one checks sources, corroboration’s often there but by the time a post goes up, details have changes a good bit. I see that all the time, along with stories broken online not hitting cable news for from days to even a week later.

    I get both lazy and disinterested. Then I return to cable news only to get pissed.

    Thanks for reading and weighing in.

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